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    GNT's threads on pegwarmers in the various toy sections above has me wondering:

    How much downsizing of SW product area has occurred in the local stores you frequent?

    In my area, TRU has only 4 pegs dedicated to POTJ figures. Target has about 6 pegs for POTJ. WalMar about the same as Target. KayBee has 2 pegs! It's so bad that if you blink as you walk by, you'll miss what's there.

    It's a drought here. How about you?
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    Targets usually have many empty SW pegs, TRU has like 2 or 3, almost all close-out, and Wal-mart is pretty well-stocked... IF you can find the dang figures!
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    Unless the WM near me has moved their SW figs to the tire center, they've got no SW whatsoever. Target has about 6 pegs of army-builder wave. KB has lots of Chocobi-Wan-Kenobi, Oldi-Wan-Kenobi, break-apart Maul, and Mech-Ani-ch. TRU has about 8 pegs of the Aurra Sing wave and only 2 or 3 pegs of Mon Mothma left. K-Mart has lots of army builders. I wouldn't say it's been a drought here, since most of the stores have non-peg warmers, but it's tough finding anything new.
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    Local Targets have about 8 pegs. Can't complain there except for the fact they haven't had anything worth buying in the last couple of months.

    K-mart: 6 pegs. Not fully stocked, but found a lot of HTF stuff there.

    Wal-Mart: The one in my hometown went from 8 to 4 pegs, and now its down to 1 and there are just three Bespin Escape Leias left The other Wal-Mart stores in the area have about 6.

    TRU: 3 pegs, but only 2 ever seem to be filled. Once all the Ep1 clears I am sure there will be more.

    KB: Had about 4 pegs until it got rid of the Ketwol wave. It has since expanded to 8 ever since they got the Dagobah Vader for $2.99.
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    My TRU has at least at least 20 pegs full of POTJ figures (first wave etc)

    Kmart has about 20 pegs full of figures

    Big W has 1 row of figures (about 3 figures in total)
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