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Thread: Admiral Motti

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    Admiral Motti

    Just got my second Admiral Motti. I decided to open this one. Am I nuts? Some might think so. But this is a great looking figure. I'm glad i opened this one. looks good with dst, vader ctc, and stormi ctc. you should all pick one up


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    I've been thinking about getting one. I just find it hard to cough up $15 for a loose figure. Same goes for the CTC Leia. So you think they are worth it?
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    I'd get him, but I'm awfully offended by the two spelling errors on his Commtech chip summary. For something so limited, he feels like a rushed job.
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    He's very cool. but he's only good for standing there. Not like you can do too much with him. But I had to have him. Very cool. who thought motti would ever have a figure.

    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    I only got one of these when they came out (how I managed to find one at retail escapes me to this day). Glad I did, and you're right: he looks great beside CTC Vader and the other Imperials. Too bad he can't bend at the knees so he can sit down whilst being choked.

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    Motti is great. However, there were tons around here for a while. I would trip over them in looking for other figures. Same with Leia. But I do like the figure. He's "neat"
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    Yeah QLD, I thought we'd NEVER get rid of those 2 peg warmers.
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    I wouldn't classify them as peg warmers, but at the time of their release, they were easily found around town.
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    Quite-Long Dong, I never saw Motti in the stores where I live!
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    That sucks! I wish I had known then. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20
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