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    Talking A new Lando would sweet

    like Lando at the end of ROTJ in his genarel uiform & with the vest.or sumgler lando with all new sculp.whos with me,and if you got any ideas post them here.
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    ya a new lando wit a lot of movement would be sweet.
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    I'm for the Lando in Smuggler's outfit.
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    I with you. I hate the stance on the Lando General figure. How many people actually stand like that?
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    I'd prefer the smuggler Lando first, I have more uses for that one than the General Lando but both would be sweet right about - beginning of next year sometime. The POTF2 General Lando is great but his pose is pretty extreme. A smuggler Lando done the same way that Commtech Han Solo was would be really neat. A Lando that could fit in the Falcon cockpit. How cool would that be? very cool! Just as long as hasbro don't give hi astupid fighting pose. I'm sick of the fighting poses. Djas Puhr is ruined in his pose. He never fought in the cantina so just give the figure a nice drinking at the bar pose okay? Same thing with lando, we just need him to sit in the Falcon and have the articulation to pose a little - note I said A LITTLE? Not some extreme manic disco dancing pose or running for the toilet pose or insane warped shin bone pose with legs akimbo. A nice neutral pose with legs just easy and slightly apart, Knees so he can sit, wrist and bicep articulation but no stuck rigid out to the side gun fighting arms please. And when are we going to start geting heads that can move forwards and back like the commtech stormtrooper? So many figures would have benefitted from that. Just a little movement makes all the difference y'know. Just a nice and easy cool laid back Lando in his smugglers outfit will do us nicely thanks Hasbro.
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    I am not a big fan of resculpts, even though some of the POTF2 sculpts were less than desirable. I would really like to see a Smuggler Lando at some point. I would also like to see the SOTE Lando in Coruscant armor to go with my Luke figgie. And since this is a Lando thread, I'm going to rate the Lando's we've had so far.

    Best: Bespin Escape Lando. Nice detail. Nice Cape. Limited pose, though. And once the cape comes off, it STAYS off.

    Next: Skiff Guard Lando. Cool removable helmet action and a nice neutral pose.

    Third: General Calrissian. What's with that pose? And why couldn't we get a soft goods cape? Not the best figure, but certainly better than...

    Last: Beefcake Lando. So atrocious, I never opened one.
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    Yes please, can I have a smuggler lando please Hasbro? I pwomise to be a good boy. I hate the Bespin Lando outfit but i really dig the Lando character. Something like DD described would be pritty hot. And a New Chewbacca with removable bandolier and satchel would go with him a treat. That way we could get both in the Falcon. You just have to get creative with Chewbacca's pose. Give him some waist movement so he can bunch up and squeeze into the cockpit seat. Lando just needs to be posed with neutral non gunslinging arms and legs that aren't wide stance.

    Better still, make a new larger scale Falcon. Or a Falcon playset with correct sized cockpit. Jyst the whole side of the Falcon so it'll look fab on a shelf. The side with the entrance ramp and the cockpit and the little laser gun underneath that drops down. I think that'd be so sweet I'll start a seperate thread for it.

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    I MUST HAVE MORE LANDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HASBRO, THIS SHOULD BE YOUR #1 PRIORITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE LANDOS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IN FACT!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT A LANDO ARMY BUILDER SET!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE MORE THE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND WHY AM I YELLING SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????


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