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    I don't think its been mentioned yet but will Obi-Wan get the nick name or whatever Ben in episode 3? It hasn't been mentioned in ep1/2 yet so does it have to do with the clone wars or something?
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    Maybe it's a call sighn leader, or for secret mission a code name.
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    It's a good bet he'll adopt the name before the end of the movie. Another wrinkle that may give ground to the theory of the Jedi having to go underground.

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    Hey! I just had an epiphany! During Obi-Wan and Vaders first confrontation (after Anakin is turned to Vader) Obi Wan sees what Anakin has become. he pleads with him...

    OB1: Anakin..I can feel the good in you...
    Vader: That name no longer has any meaning for me.
    OB1: What do you intend to do to me?
    (Vader pauses)
    OB1: I can feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hatred. Please.
    Vader: You do not know the power of the dark side. Obi Wan Kenobi dies this day. My master has forseen it. (There is a long pause, then he points to the ship Obi Wan was trying to escape in)Go. I am sparing your life. Go. Go and don't come back.

    After that, Obi Wan Kenobi ceases to exist "from a certain point of view..." (Okay so the dialogue was spotty, but you get the picture...)
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    I think he takes the name Ben because in the next movie we will see the great Jedi Purge. They will be hunted down and hated. He has left the order, never achieving Jedi Master.
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    It is hard to tell since we do not even know what point in the story will be the episode and what important ground GL decides to cover.
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    I think its just a name he takes on when he goes in to hiding.
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    Lucas/McCallum said Obi-Wan fans (like me!) will be most pleased with some of the things Kenobi does in Ep3.

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    Maybe he'll build his ANH saber and actually not lose it until ANH.
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    I think it is just a moniker that he adopts when he moves to Tatooine, just keep Luke unawares. Couldnt tell you know.....will just have to be a suprise for me
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