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    Question Is Amidala a Sith?

    Word is Episode 3 will hold a shocking revalation on the level of Vader's in ESB. I have looked for a possible cannidate. Obi-Wan and Yoda are out, as we know the direction that they take. Mace Windu would be shocking but not shocking enough. That left me with Amidala.

    Let us consider a few things:
    1) Amidala obviously seduces Anakin, she practically toys with him. Think sexy dress + raging fire. Seduction is a trait of the dark side.
    2) She marries Anakin, knowing well that ths is an extreme violation and betryal of Jedi code, forcing Anakin into a life of deception. Deception is a trait of the dark side.
    3) Remember Obi-Wan's words, "Never trust a senator." In a well written story this could be an excellent bit of foreshadowing.
    4) In EP1 many moviegoers were bothered that the Jedi did not sense that Amidala was posing as one of her handmaidens. To quote Yoda, "Clouded, difficult to see the dark side is." She used deception (unseen to the Jedi), again, a trait of the dark side.
    5) Remember in EP1 it was Amidala who put forth the motion that placed Palpatine in power.
    6) Is it only coincidence that Palpatine was a senator from Naboo?

    Many would argue that Leia remembers her mother, "She was very beautiful and sad." She remembers what she 'believed' to be her mother. Could be Bail Organa's wife or one of Amidala's handmaidens. Others would argue, "Sith, one master, one apprentice." Palpatine could make several apprentices believe that they each were the only one, being that they are not openly active.

    Something to ponder...

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    But wouldn't Obi-Wan or Yoda mentioned that she was evil after he finds out Vader's his dad? Seems logical but Yoda and Obi-Wan have a weird sense of what is logical.
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    which also coudld explain Sifo-dias ince if palpy broke rules he could of had him as one also.
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    Well, there may be too much reliance on the seduction thing in your theory but I can sense some sort of betrayal coming from Padme'. What's been hinted at is her political belief in democracy opposed to Anakin's naiveté. Already they're at odds on that subject...

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    Womprat, you obviously don't know women that well. I think by your standars all women are Sith lords. Why, I don't know any girl that hasn't had those traits at least ONCE A MONTH!
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    Nice theory but i doubt it since i heard somewhere that Amidala will be filming scenes to be put into rotj ae in 2007. also if she was a sith with palpy then why would the twins go into hiding? Did Yoda and Obi Wan take them away?
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    1. i don't think she seduced him. she actually was doing everything to avoid the relationship.

    2.we don't yet know if anakin and padme will keep their marriage a secret. she didn't force anakin to do anything.

    3.that's just a jab at politicians in general.

    4. qui-gon knew all along padme was the queen. only anakin and obi-wan were fooled.

    5. she was being played by palpatine, just like everyone else in the PT.


    why do you think there will be some shocking revelation in the next film? nothing in the previous storyline's has suggested this. unless some may be suprised that sideous is palpatine.

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    IIRC Lucas remarks that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both knew about Padme/Sabe's deception, according to him the look they threw each other at the Gungan meeting place was a supposed to be a knowing one. Unfortunately it looked like a knowing look only to George Lucas.

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    The reason why there are only two is becasue if there were any more they would try to overtake each other. This is stated in the novelization of TPM. Your story is interesting, but to flawed.

    I know what it's like to come up with these ideas that are flawed. Befor AOTC I thought Shmi would be a Tuskin Raider, and that Yoda ordered Aniken to be assisnated. Those didn't happen of course, but I thought they could have.

    An amazing ("I am your Father") moment would be cool. Chances are it has something to do with the conception of Aniken. Probally the fact that the Emporer willed the force to create such a being.

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    Originally posted by Darth Nihilus
    IIRC Lucas remarks that Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both knew about Padme/Sabe's deception, according to him the look they threw each other at the Gungan meeting place was a supposed to be a knowing one. Unfortunately it looked like a knowing look only to George Lucas.
    I thought the look was one of "Well she slipped that one past us old chap" not at all a knowing look from either Jedi
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