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    Next Week'sTarget Ad

    BUY YOUR BASIC FIGURES THERE WHILE YOU STILL CAN (if you haven't already or choose to)! Basic figures are going up to $5.44!

    Others advertized-

    Deluxe Action Figures- $7.44
    Jango Fett's Target game- $12.44
    Jango Fett's Slave I- $19.44
    AOTC CCG Booster packs- $1
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    Thanx for the heads up!

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    Yeah, sweet Target.
    At least the Slave I price is slipping again. But I, and everyone else could probably do without the re-price-hike on the basic figures.

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    i'm sure that we all know this but tru and some other stores can do price matches so use the ad to your advantage
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    It's still a good price, and I'd much rather give Target the business - they don't get the Walmart type of scum.
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    The Targets over here aren't open yet, but I think in July sometime. That should be a good place to find new figs since it hasn't opened yet.
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    LT, a little rough on WM you are. Targets get jerks and scalper types just like WM.
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    Down he WM is like really bad, so i wouldn't go so often if it wasn't 2 feet away, whille Target is like a few miles and i can't walk that far, but my TRU is right next to MY WM so i go there alot to the people are real nice.
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    My problem with the Wal-Marts in my area is that they're white trash magnets. Target doesn't seem to get quite as many lowlifes shopping there, so that's why I prefer Target as well.

    Maybe I'll finally buy a Slave I, now that the price is down to $20....

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    Originally posted by Forhekset
    My problem with the Wal-Marts in my area is that they're white trash magnets.
    Uhh, sorry. I guess I'll either stay away or shave off my mullet, change my NASCAR T-shirt, and move out of the trailer park.

    All right! The booster packs are going down to $1. I guess I'll stock up. That's what...20 cents a card, I think that's the best price yet!

    Now what's up with them lowering the price on basic figs., then advertising a higher price? Isn't that kind of...what's the word I'm looking for?...stupid?
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