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    Black Hawk Down DVD

    I just picked this up today and I must say it is great. I saw this movie in the theater and I knew then that I wanted to own it once it was released.
    Here are some of the features on it:
    -Widescreen Presentation
    -"On the set" featurette
    -Animated Menus
    -Filmographies of the actors
    -Production Notes
    And I also wanted to add that the DVD also has theatrical trailers for both "Spiderman" and "The One". These were two nice extras that I really enjoyed, especially the "Spiderman" trailer.
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    I didn't know this was out already. Awesome!
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    There's a super deluxe 2-disc Special Edition coming out in six months. I'm waiting.
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    There's a super deluxe 2-disc Special Edition coming out in six months. I'm waiting

    I swear, my friend says that about every DVD I buy. It's to the point where I am scared to buy a DVD because a better one is coming out in 6 months!
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    Actually it's now been confirmed that it's going to be a super deluxe 3-disc Special Edition coming sometime next year. Region 2 is getting it early, but they are only getting 2-discs. Here is the current R2 specs. You can expect them and many more on the R1 release next year. This info is from The Digital Bits.

    Our friends over at the R-2 Project have been posting screen shots from the international version of the upcoming Black Hawk Down: Special Edition DVD.

    The international version is a 2-disc release with the following extras (this may not be a totally comprehensive list):

    Anamorphic widescreen video (2.35:1), Digital Digital 5.1 sound, audio commentary with director Ridley Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer, audio commentary with author Mark Bowden & screenwriter Ken Nolan, audio commentary with real Task Force Ranger veterans MSgt. Matt Eversmann, Col. Tom Matthews (Ret.), Col. Danny McKnight (Ret.) and Col. Lee Van Arsdale (Ret.).

    The Essence of War: Making Black Hawk Down documentary, Designing Mogadishu featurette, production design archive, storyboards, Ridleygrams, Jerry Bruckheimer's BHD photo album, photo galleries, title design explorations and 6 deleted scenes plus a narrated opening and an alternate ending (with optional audio commentary by Ridley Scott).

    Keep in mind that the U.S. release (expected early in 2003 from Columbia TriStar) will include ALL of the above, plus a THIRD disc of extras (trailers and lots more) as well.

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    Thanks jar jar!

    the only thing i would of liked to see would be audio commentaries from mike durant, the captured black hawk pilot, and general garrison. i'm really glad eversman and mcknight and the book's author bowden are on there. hopefully they will have separate audio tracks from the director.

    hopefully the history channel's documentary will be on there. it's 2 hours itself.

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    Well, they definatly could fit the documentary on the 3rd R1 disc. I thought it was a pretty good movie, but I'm not a huge war film fan. But I saw the info, and knew that many of you did like it, so I decided to pass it on.

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    They should include commentary from everyone who was really there! (And survived!)
    Well, my dad said it was very accurate, anyway. He knows several Delta operators and Rangers, including most of the soldiers that were in Operation Restore Hope on October 3, 1993. He was actually best friends with a guy named SFC Matt Rierson, who was listed in the movie's credits as one of the day's casualties...although in fact, he was killed by a mortar the day after the big firefight.


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