View Poll Results: Do you want a Hasbro 12'' scale forum?

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    Do you want a Hasbro 12'' scale forum?

    Do you want a Hasbro 12'' scale forum?
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    Sure that's a great Idea Sir Steve!! It's a vastly different line, then the regular figures. And I know I am beating a dead horse here, but how about a chatroom as well?

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    The Saga forum seems very busy, it would be nice to not have to dig thru the section looking for a 12" thread.

    I realize the forum won't be busy compared to the other ones, but it would be better organized that way.

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    I voted "Yes" as well.

    1) 12" come out in waves about once a quarter (or less often) and then there's only about 3 of them (and maybe some exclusives)

    > - the threads get buried and stuff that's been discussed gets brought up again all over again.

    2) 12" discussion revolves a lot around "wish lists" since their waves are fewer and further in between.

    >- I'd say it's almost all been 'wished for' before, but if something new comes up - like a baby clone in a tank for a 6", all the people interested in discussing it will have a few threads to look into and are more likely to stumble across the idea and comment on it, than those sorting through a million vehicle, playset, 3 3/4", roleplay, and other item posts.

    3) It will be a small community, but a good one. Probably a positive one too, since mainly people interested in buying the 12" will go there.

    >- There will be zero to no "downer commentary" about why someone doesn't buy the 12". By default, if they're not interested in it, they won't even go in the forum except in rare cases.

    Therefore I support the 12" forum. Hopefully I'll see you all there!
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    Spread the word to vote on this poll so our cries for this 12" section finally go answered.
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    I voted yes..

    I collect the 12" figures, about as much as the 6" figures, but my son keeps opening them.. He leaves the 12" ones alone.

    With a forum on 12" figures I can give others insight on picking up the Aurra Sing & C3PO masterpiece figures at the Borders bookstore for $20.. yup, I said $20..

    It would also be nice to hear about other collections.. seems everyone has certain things that other people would love to have. I for one would love to have one of those R2 coolers..

    than and a good deal on some trooper armor.. mmmmm.. empire.. Dressed in Rebel gear at C-2 but I cant wait to defect.. Just cant seem to save up that amount of cash for the armor.. ( that and I think my wife would kill me... ) IF SHE ONLY KNEW THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!!

    enough! back to the topic. 12" figures! YES!! BRING IT ON!
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    Yes, absolutly... the 12" inch threads do keep getting buried, and when people can't find them they just start new ones, which clogs up Saga some more... 'Sides, if we can have a PlaySkool forum, why not a 12" inch one?

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    I voted yes, it's a great idea for collectors to discuss upcoming 12" figures. We will get to discuss exclusives, where they are going and what could be done to improve on them.

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    Absolutely. It's time to give the "big brothers" of our plastic dreams the spotlight they so richly deserve.

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    Awesome Idea!!!!!!
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