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    Tracked Poll: E1 Queen Amidala 4" Figures

    We have 5 major outfits for Queen Amidala/Padme Neberrie that haven't been given to us in figure form yet. I was curious which of the figures would be most popular with fans. This list is in order of apperance in the movie. I posted links to the more obscure costumes, I am sure we know what the other two look like. So what's your favorite of the 5 remaining outfits?

    1. Padme Naberrie: Queen's Handmaiden (orange)
    2. Queen Amidala: Senator Palpatine's Office
    3. Queen Amidala: Post-Senate
    4. Queen Amidala: Return to Naboo
    5. Queen Amidala: Naboo Celebration

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    i'd like the hand maiden so i can by like for and have them behind her.
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    Queen Amidala: Return to Naboo gets my vote. She looks incredible in that outfit. Luckily I was able to pick up the 12" version.
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    You know the last parking spot furthest from here? Well I'm one spot beyond that!
    Jar Jar...We need them all...every one of her outfits are signifigant...

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    Return to Naboo for me.
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    Yes, I agree. But I am just running the poll, to see which outfit is most wanted for the next E1 Queen figure.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Jar Jar , Silly question probably, but what does HH stand for.
    Its been bugging the hell outta me.
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    Ahh, the eternal question. That would be Happy Hunting, somthing that has existed for many moons. Back in the day it was hard to find stuff on the shelves, this started to support you're friends online in their searches. I don't even know whol originally coined it, I know that it was most likely either LTBasker or myself behind it.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Much obliged
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    I would like all of the Padme's. No exceptions!

    I am actually going to use them all in my scenes.

    Pre-Senate - 1
    Post-Senate - 2 (w.JarJar, at Nute's Arrest / Palpatine's arrival on Naboo
    Return to Naboo - 2 (On the Royal Starship, Qui-Gon's funeral)
    Ceremony - 1

    As for the Handmaiden, I too plan to use multiples of her for all her handmaidens in the orange outfit:

    Up to 22 of them (2 in each scene I require handmaidens to accompany her in - decided against 5 for the Pre-Hanger Fight #1 scenes. Not that it would make much of a difference - then I'd use 31 total. But I might not have the space in my scenes and want these figures as background, not a main focus-point in the display.)

    It's interesting that this is the most useful figure. It is hardly my favorite. The purple Return to Naboo really is, but I need 11 TIMES LESS of that figure....oh the joy of collecting for dioramas....

    Meanwhile, I've figured out my Padme's for E2 that I hope for (or will get):

    Pilot Padme - 1
    Senator Padme - 2 (Palpatine's office, 1st meeting Anakin)
    Nightgown Padme - 2 (assassin bugs, balcony on Naboo)
    Freightor Padme - 1
    Ambassador Padme - 1* (I might use 2, one for the freighter, 1 w. Queen)
    Backless Dress Padme - 1 for the 1st kiss (love the outfit anyway!)
    Picnic Padme - 1 - also like this outfit.
    Black Leather Padme - 1 -fireplace scene my favorite outfit probably!
    Tatooine Padme (hood / cloak on) - 1 -Watto's shop
    Tatooine Padme (cloak off) - 1* (might use 2nd for Watto's shop - sexy!)
    Geonosis White - (not ripped) - 3 (funeral, capture, conference w. Dooku)
    New ripped white (no action feature) 2 - riding picador, hugging armless Anni
    Wedding Padme - 1 - duh...for the wedding scene?

    Interesting, I have no use for the Padme apartment / packing Padme "because it makes me feel uncomfortable."

    If they made a generic Anakin with a cloak on, I would have to buy at least 7 of them just to stand in with my Padme figures, not to mention his scene with Palpatine that only comprises of the 2 of them, etc. But I can't pose her with Anakin looking like he's in the heat of battle!

    So I suppose I'd buy her mini-mouse hair figure too, and then my 8th Anakin "Jedi Council" figure - as the Jedi Council scene would be the reason I'd buy the 9th one....and it goes on.

    LOL. Dexter's the best figure and I only need 1 of him!

    Also, I'd buy 18 mostly different Padme figures for E2, but I'd actually purchase more of that E1 Handmaiden figure ALONE, than any of the E2's combined. And you know I'd create an army of Padme Tatooine's from E2 if I had an excuse....

    Maybe that's a mirage Anakin sees in the desert while he's away and he chances to think of her.... (heh-heh-he)
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