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    Cool SSG Members Collections

    Here's your chance to show off your collections! Post pictures of your displays, carded figures on the walls, book shelf scenes and your prized collectibles in this thread. Anything goes as long as it's Star Wars related.

    If you have problems posting your pics, please PM me.
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    well I made a new picture of my vitrine and dioramas (although I have again rearranged the vitrine since I got Kit Fisto a few days after I made the pic)

    I thought I'll give the troopers some lightsabers to 1. reenact the scene of ani vs dooku and 2. have a little spoiler of what the concept design stormie will look like
    in the bottom shelf in the back is my jeremy bulloch autograph

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    and a pic of the cantina diorama with some more troopers invading it

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    I don't know where to put it so I'll just post it here too
    I just wanted to show how I used the cloaks and poncho from the E1 accessory sets
    at the left side, you can see the 1st POTF2 greedo with the black cloak, a black "belt" and obi-wans lightsaber (to make him look like a sith)
    in the middle you can se the POTF2 hoth Luke with the poncho on, the underwater set backack on (can't be seen in the pic) and the rifle from the tattooine set
    at the right you can see the speeder bike luke pack-in with a black cloak (which I fixed a bit to keep the hood down), a rubber band as belt so the cloak keeps closed and to hang qui-gons lightsaber down from it (also used to make him look like a sith) I'm thinking of paintin ghis other hand black too and maybe add some red stripes or other detail on the gloves to make a a bit cooler (otherwise he looks so boring all-black)
    you can see all of them in the cantina diorama I posted pics of in another thread

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    Autographed Carded Figures

    SSG Dioramas Editor
    ACPin Star Wars Webmaster

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    Hey 187-Maul, Nice cloacks. And cool figs ACPin
    Even though I changed my icon, I am still the same OneArmedJango.

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    Here are some pics of my stuff which I posted in another thread:

    Go check 'em out and let me know what you think!


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    Where do I put This?

    An old (1999 I think ?) Picture of my Collection (it's all in boxes now) Where do I post it???

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    Impressive.....most impressive.

    I guess you could have posted it in the General Discussion section, but a moderator will probably move it soon enough and then we'll all know.
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    maybe one of these, if not generall disc.POTF,POTF2, TPM. but since they are all together, general discussion is your best bet.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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