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    here is my own Sale of the Droids.
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    Originally posted by Dar' Argol
    Its moved. Hmmm . . . . . .seems we might need a place for all these pics . . .
    There's a thread for SSG member collections in the Customizing/Dioramas. If you move it there, I'll merge it with that thread.
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    I think you bent your wookie.

    Nice job of displaying all that stuff. If I tried that my 2-year old would have everything pulled down and my 7-year old would be bugging me to open everything.
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    Cool pics scruffziller... Can't wait to see more pics!

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    Here are some pics of my collections. I have recently moved to a new house that has much more shelving for displying, so I'll post new pictures once everything is set up!
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    Nice collections, guys. I have recently re-worked my display area to where about 80% of my 400+ MOMC figures are displayed. (Of course, not all can be individually seen. Some have to be lined up behind others for space reasons.) I'll try to put some pics up soon.

    Keep posting more!


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    Here is a pic or two of my Star Wars room. I could go on for hours explaining the details, but the enormicy of the room should speak for itself.

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    This room has just about everything except I only have about 20 of the 12" and only the new micro machines. Anything and everything to do with the 3" action figures, I have (minus a few small things)

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    The room is about 13' by 14' with a 6' square walk in closet filled with other toys and about 100 or more duplicate figures. Everything on the walls is a different figure. The only duplicates displayed would be the opened ones on the floor.

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    I know its hard to see all of the details, because there is so much. I know others may have bigger collections but I love mine to death. It will never be sold and hopefully never be boxed up. I have over 100 figures opened to play with so I do let kids into the room...supervised of course. If you have any questions you may email me at


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