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    One last note. I don't have any of the old star wars. I have from 1995 on. Toys on the white shelf are all the legos opened. These pics are a few months old so it is even more impresive now. At least to me. Thank you for looking.

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    That was GREAT, Johnny! I totally dig your set up. I will be out of state all weekend, so I won't be able post any of my pics until Sun. or Mon. But, you've gotten me fired up to get off my hiney and take some new pics of my re-arranged setup.

    How many figures do you have? (both 3 3/4 and 12) I have made an Excel spreadsheet of my stuff which I've posted here some time ago. It's a good template to go from to track your collection. (Well, I think so anyway.)

    Let's see some more of your collections, guys!


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    This is a pretty close count I may be somewhat off. I have :
    267 different regular figures MOMC
    122 MOMC duplicates
    90 open figures
    14 special MOMC (mail aways, jorg sacul, Star Tours, etc)
    64 MOMC other figures (deluxe packs, FX, Rebo, Target access, etc)
    71 vehicles, playsets, accessory packs, etc
    39 12" including speeder bike, taun tuan, wampa,
    Things I'm missing:
    4 E1 accessory packs, Qui Gon Holograph, the 7 figures w/coins, 3" TaunTaun w/Solo, silver R2 (waiting), official collector case, C3PO cary case, not all the 12" they aren't my specialty.
    I think that covers it. Like I said I basically have it all.

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    Originally posted by Z28Johnny
    The room is about 13' by 14' with a 6' square walk in closet filled with other toys and about 100 or more duplicate figures. Everything on the walls is a different figure. The only duplicates displayed would be the opened ones on the floor.
    HOLY $#!*................. you know the words........
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    Here's some pics of my newly rearranged Nerd Nest (tm)



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