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    and my other starwars figs that didn't fit in the dioramas or are just so cool that I have to display them like that:
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    Originally posted by The True Maul
    Great Collection OCB!!

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    Originally posted by JangoFart
    Here's some pics of my newly rearranged Nerd Nest (tm)


    Are all those rows of figs of the same fig in behind it or are they different?
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    Originally posted by scruffziller

    Are all those rows of figs of the same fig in behind it or are they different?
    Of course they are different. I have all 16 of the Saga background cards in one of those pics - 4 rows of 4 figures. I have 26 of the 28 Battle Droid figures set up the same way, etc.


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    more dust collectors

    Here is a pic of what some of my stuff used to look like.
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    Great collection!! Now why did it USED to be like that?

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    I took everything down and painted...

    I also had far too many carded SW figs to display.. on another wall was the POTJ line. and eventually there were far too many SAGA figs.
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