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    vintage trade list with parts

    Have VINTAGE:
    Side Gunner with box
    Incomplete SideGunner
    Hoth han w/gun
    Skiff Guard Lando w/staff, no helmet
    Star Wars Vinyl case
    Canadian Star Wars Vinyl case
    ESB Vinyl case
    TaunTaun(closed belly) no reins
    C-3PO case (no straps inside)
    Ewok Village playset (will seperate parts)
    Incomplete Millenium Falcon (will seperate parts)
    Incomplete Endor Forest Ranger
    Incomplete Rebel Transport
    Probot Playset (just base)
    Radar from Imperial Troop Transport
    Death Star Gunner gun
    Speederbike instructions
    Imperial Attack base Instructions
    Millenium Falcon cargo hatch cover
    Landspeeder seat
    Tie interceptor instructions

    I need these :
    Vintage Star Wars loose or boxed:
    Star Destroyer playset
    AT-AT chin gun
    Imperial Shuttle windsheild
    A-wing fighter
    Imperial Sniper
    ATL Interceptor
    R2 with pop-up saber
    Romba's spear

    Let me know if you have anything. or just send a list
    of your haves and maybe we could make a deal. All
    offers will be considered. My email address is:


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    Hey what parts do you have from

    Ewok Village playset (will seperate parts)

    Railings? C3po chair support? Spit support? Net? Base SUpports?



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