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    Question why did sidious need the treaty signed?

    they didn't even need it, since the trade federation took over naboo anyway...anyone know why? (i'm sorry if this has been disscussed before..)
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    as far as I know the treaty had to be signed to make the invasion legal
    as long as they had no treaty signed, the invasion was illegal

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    i knew that, but after maul found qui-gon and the others on tatooine, he didn't seem to care about it anymore.
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    I think it was simply to keep the neimoidians believing his intentions to have them take over Naboo.

    I think old Sid is clever enough to adapt his plan or at least thought of most of the possible scenarios...
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    I think Billfremore is right. The neimoidians are cowards and would never invade a planet on thier own. Thier job was to get the queen to sighn a treaty. Sidious knew she would not. So, it kept the meimoidians happy and thinking thier job was to get the treaty sighned so that they would have rights to the trade roots. That is all thier after. They know nothing of Sidious's plan of domination.
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    That sounds about right, and I think all of that was mere pretext for Sidious' plan to drum up sympathy for Naboo (the planet he was a senator of) to help weasel his way into the office of Supreme Chancellor.
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