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    Arrow i need to get past the world troubles of late, and return to normalcy

    with that said, it's mm time once again

    i just received a package from Iain Crawford (irc.rockford), which completes our trade which began many moons ago.

    Mr. Crawford had posted in the old ssg classified section, that among other items, he was seeking a tie defender. I responded that i had an extra tie defender, and would be happy to send it to him (he's in england), if in return he would keep his eye out for the very elusive x-ray sets V b-wing and tie bomber, VI landspeeder and tie fighter, and VII snowspeeder and at-st.

    at 1st, he wasn't sure if he wanted to trade, (he was concerned that he might not be able to uphold his end of the trade), i assured him, that time was not of the essence, and that i had every faith that he would eventually deliver, and since i don't sell, the only way he was gonna get my tie defender, was by agreeing to the trade. he relented, and off i whisked the tie defender.

    i am here to report, that not only was he able to deliver on the said x-ray packs (which btw, are the best of the entire line!), but he agreed to a further trade involving some lord of the ring figures which he was after in exchange for ep. I mm sets XII and XIII, which he had managed to find in england!

    this is what collecting is all about! helping each other out, and as vt has pointed out on numerous occasion, creating good trade karma, which will almost always result in satisfaction for all involved!

    vt, as i now have the mm royal starship via pack XII, i will not be needing your dupe which you were going to send me from the tatooine desert playset. i am sure you can find a good alternative home for it!
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    Thumbs up quelle coincidence your thred title is. . .

    . . .just this weekend i was thinkin i am so Done bein interested this crap, and am more than ready to get re-entrenched in my nice, happy, discreetly self-centered life if it's one thing i've learned, history's gonna march forward regardless of what i do, say or think, so once again it's time to pick my battles i assume that the answer to the quextion i axed u in the war thred's a happy one? good
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    Question hey swaffy! when's camille comin back??

    oh well, until she does, i guess it's up to us to preserve "smartassdom"

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    GSJ--we missed you over the last couple of days. Welcome back.

    We are all perplexed and we wonder how uncivilized these people were, to commit these henious terroist acts. But we will march on, like VT said, and we'll will try to get back to what things were like before, even though we know our "normal" normal life (if that makes since) we'll never be the same.
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Thumbs up notta moment 2 soon, world-class smartassdom rides 2 the rescue :):):) horror fans'll wanna be sure to check out the "hijackers surprised to find themselves in hell" story
    i hope this's an indication of how snl will handle things when their new season starts tomorrow night; i'd hate for their edge to've been dulled.
    i'm curious: how do things feel overseas? back to normal yet? or still kinda wierd, still undeniably changed??
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    How strange that you post this the day after my contretemps with our IT manager....

    I wish I could remember the opening skits for the fantastic Dogma as I'd paraphrase the opeining quotes about Disclaimers. Suffice it to say, I'd hate for any of this to be taken as inflammatory or on a surface level only.

    I loved the site and your snl prediciton will probably be prescient if you ask me.

    In the UK the situation has spiralled down into xenophobia, revenge strikes and hysterical fear of further attacks..... if you listen to The Sun and The Mirror and many other tabloids. The Government have recently been deciding on whether to D-notice the press about scaremongering re chemical and bio-weapons because of their increasingly influential and irresponsible behaviour; to wit

    A year or so ago we had a situation where it was discovered that paedophiles (spent sentences and 'reformers') were being placed by the Local Gov't in a big less-than-affluent Estate in a place called Paulsgrove in Portsmouth (about an hour from me). The self-righteous and morally bankrupt editors decided to lead the story and whipped up hate against these faceless criminals.

    My point is that the kind of people that read this garbage need an education, not a reason to let off steam; what happened in 2 cases was that a paediatrician was attacked (you can guess the calibre of intelligence here); the second involved a policeman being interviewed in situ for Panorama amongst the throng of protestors (read mob culture) and as a man walked past him on his way home (off camera), he confided to the crew that the man who had walked past was a known paedophile and no-one in the rioting, ignorant crowd - through which he was walking - knew.

    So, typically, the British gutter press are whipping this up into a frenzy of fear and hate.

    The politicians are now concentrating on talking rhetoric without actually saying anything; the British Gov't say that proof of bin Laden's involvement has been procured but will not share it with anyone and this is what the people are focussing on at the mo'; why should we go to war, or stand to shoulder with the US when we are being deprived of info'.

    My personal take on it in an idealistic way is to see what the historians make of it in 400 years. I am sure if I was a Roman before the Celts and other subjugated peoples overthrew the Empire, I would feel put upon by these historical terrorists but how do we see the Roman Empire today.....?

    Any retaliatory strike is pointless at this stage, the intelligence community say they are on track to finding bin Laden (if he's the culprit), but I they are so efficient, how did the tragedy occur in the first place? Fixating on bin Laden in my opinion is bad, bad bad, simply because there are all those ignorant people who will extrapolate that hate and project it on any moslem country.


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    Lightbulb gee, woulda been nice if the meadster'd seen fit to mention. . .

    . . .a certain RoLleR we all know here while mad-proppin the y-man

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    typical. but that's alright, keeps the wayward lawsuits from findin' their way to the succesor firms door. (not all mind you, i spoke with the gent who currently runs the remnants up in noo yawk, and several wrongful death suits have already been filed )
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