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    Angry Scalpers Raided Every Store I Go To!!!!

    Almost everytime I go to a store the new Star Wars Action Figures are all bought by scalpers! One time I actually met a scalper. It was at TRU I think when I went in the store thinking they might already have the bespin wave, when I went in they do have it but all they have left was Mace Mindu, Darth but all of them has bends or messed up corners and not one mint card figure. Then I saw the scalpers! They were both either 27 or 30 one on the cell phone while the other one has a carton almost full of Near Mint/ Mint card Mace, Darth, Luke, Jango (Final Duel). When they went to the register to buy their stuff there was only one line open and it really long, but one of the managers saw them and actually opened one register just for them because when they bought their stuff the register was closed again. I got no choice but bought the damaged card ones thinking I'll open them for display and maybe next time I'll find mint ones to keep on card. My question is: Is there anyway to get to a store before the scalpers do because they always seem to get there before I can!? Also have any of you have this kind of thing happened to you before?
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    Just buy your figures from or kebco you never miss out on a figure and they are in great condition and yestertoys has very cheap flat shipping rate. Plus you get them fast. This way you can avoid your reoccuring problems.

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    It seems all the Vaders, Lukes I find are all damaged. I also found a Ploo Koon w/ BG all tattered, and all the Ploos w/o BG are perfect. These guys just don't wanna let have the goods.
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    Not to sound dumb or something but does BG stands for background cards or no thanks.
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    It stands for BackGrounds.

    I would've complained to the manager and showed him the damaged figures compared to the other figures the scalpers had. They were all right there, most likely if he had the common sense to open up a 2nd register when so many wouldn't have the common sense then you could talk him into making the scalpers give you some of the figures from the fine art of complaining.
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    I would either order your figures online like BillyJAck suggested or talk to the toy manager and find out when they get their trucks in and be at the store when it opens. If the scalpers are there with you just beat them to the Star Wars section and you're in buisness.
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    Sounds like the manager in question may have a back door deal with these 2 scalpers. Here's what to do...

    Find out when your store recieves it's products and show up either that night or the morning after. You must be there when the doors open.

    Secondly, about the manager, you have to call TRU's corporate relations number. So many of the managers in my area are getting paid off by local scalpers. All you need to do is call this number and complain, 1-800-869-7787. There's no reason anyone should stand for a corrupt manager who loots his/her own store on the behalf of 'anti-child' low-life scum.

    Take back your store! I have done this at a few store and it DOES work. A hand written, polite letter doesn't hurt either.
    Emails are ofter deleted without ever being read. A friend of mine wrote a letter and not only was his problem handled but he also recieved a $10 gift certificate!

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    P.S., about the cardbending. I have seen a rash of this type of vadalism in my area over the past couple of weeks. I actually saw one scalper get pinched for bending cards in the store!!!
    LOL! It seems that this is the latest scalper tactic to increase their pathetically small profit margins and to reduce the amount of available products...

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    I cannot believe what you guys have to go through to get an action figure. I live in Niagara Falls Canada and this problem doesn't seem to exist. The figures are still really popular, but I really haven't seen any scalpers. I check the stores every other day only because I want something new (we don't even have Taa wave yet), and I haven't seen any scalping at all. Is it like this everywhere down there???

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    Basically yep it a scalpers' world down here. Damn you son of a mother scalpers!!!!!!!!
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