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    How far would you go to get a figure?

    I am posing this question purely to see what the opinion of the great forum users here at think. I value the opinions of all of you and am curious to far would you go to get a figure?

    Do you settle for paying higher prices to get a figure you want? Will you not stop until you find a figure at a reasonable price? Do you love the thrill of the hunt so much that you will visit more than 10 stores in a radius of 30 miles to find something? How intense is your persuit of Star Wars Toys?


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    When I make my rounds, I hit all the local spots (Wal Mart, TRU, Target, K Mart, KB, etc). When I am looking for a particular figure or vehicle, I enjoy the hunt for only a few rounds, then if I havent found it yet I then start to get frustrated. However I am usually patient, and it pays off. If push comes to shove, I consult a couple of my friends on here. If that doesnt work, I will resort to ebay, but I will not pay outrageous prices. It all depends on what it is and how bad I want it.
    I was lucky to get my 12 inch Jango with ease, but if I had been unable to find it by now, I probably would have looked on ebay.
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    The farthest I go is 17 miles exactly from where I live because that's the nearest Toys-R-Us, KB and TARGET. (They're literally across the street from each other)

    I only resort to the net when I have to and/or can find a good price on something.

    Technically the furthest I've ever gone to get something is Georgia - My Mom went on a trip there and found me the Rebel Pilots cinema scene when they were clearanced at KB.
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    I won't go very far. Every now and then I get a wild hair and go to 10 different Wal-Marts in the middle of the night or something. But, usually, I just go to the same few stores. I have had success in getting everything I want that way. SO why mess with success.

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    Don't make me whip out my "I once drove to Memphis for a Y-Wing" story! 150+ miles, both ways.
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    Re: How far would you go to get a figure?

    Originally posted by jdmarlow
    I am posing this question purely to see what the opinion of the great forum users here at think. I value the opinions of all of you and am curious to far would you go to get a figure?
    Lets see, Sunday I drove 83 miles... one way. <g> Every 2 weeks my freinds and I go on a small road trip and try to complete our collections. We don't usually go that far but we had a great time and did find a few of the figures we were after. Is it worth it? IMHO, yes. We enjoy the 'adventure' and have some good laughs and talk to allot of fellow fans.
    It all comes down to how you see it, is it a waste of time or is it fun. When it stops being fun it is time to hang up you fanboy hat. <g> (IMHO) I stopped collecting in betwen Episode I and the launch of PoTJ line and then I could not find hardly any PoTJ line around because all the stores around me completely got rid of any sign of Star Wars figures. (not even a space)
    But with the SAGA line I am having fun again, have all the ones I want except for Chewie and hopefully will find that this weekend when I visit a friend in NYC.
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    i usually hit only the local stores and will try to pay only reasonable prices. and if that doesn't work, i'll look into the online stores but never ebay which would explain all the holes in my collection...tc14, r2 w holo leia
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    Ill go whereever the subway takes me.
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    don't ask........ it's sick.
    I've given up looking for Chewie and Obi. I've just had it. I'm ordering online
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    I drive to alot of different areas, regardless of SW searching, so I just check stores that I pass on the way.


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