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    Unhappy Is AOTC still playing in your theater?

    I went to my local theater yesterday and noticed a startling announcement. Today (13 June) is AOTC's last day playing in Alamogordo, NM! This means that it played over here for a grand total of 27 days. Of course this beats TPM's record over here, which only played for 18 days. So I guess, GL's longetivity campaign really paid off.

    Just wondering if AOTC has been pulled from any other theaters already. Or are we just special?
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    I watched an advert over here in england only last night on tv, inviting me to go and see aotc AGAIN.
    I noticed this seems to be a new trend, lotr released bus stop posters during the school holidays here inviting the kids to return to middle earth again this holiday.
    maybe seeing a film twice at the cinema is the norm now.
    AOTC is the only film i've seen twice at the cinema not counting the originals against the se.
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    well it's still roling here in france and even in original language (english)
    usually the movies here role one week in a big cinema and then a few weeks in a smaller one right next door but it's still in the big one and still in the biggest room
    wow, maybe I'm gonna see it a third time after all this week

    oh and BTW Blade 2 will finally start here next week
    no big news for you americans but great news for me

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    Still going strong in New Jersey!

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    No sign of stopping here in Colorado, especially at the Denver theater - it still sells out. (It's the only digital theater in CO)
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    Still going here in Darwin, Australia. And I still need to see it at least three more times.

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    Still going strong here in the great white north.

    Playing on at least 2 screens in every theatre.
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    One of the theaters took it off one screen (it's still on two), but I don't blame them. The grosses of all the movies have been stinky for the last two weeks so they're getting ready for Scooby Doo, Bourne Identity, and Minority Report to help boost up the revenue.

    I'll probably see it once more (I've seen it twice) before it's tossed out with the black jujyfruits.
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    My favorite theater dropped it from 4 screens down to 3. Fine with me, I still want to see it 7 more times so it will take a good month for me to achieve that.

    And then there's always the budget run, so even when it's gone it'll be right back! :happy:

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    Still playing here I think. Although I haven't been to the movies in a little.
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