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    Rochester, NY Finds

    Last Night - Shmi and Jedi training Obi-Wan @ Wal-Mart
    This Morn' - Luke X-Wing, Han DS Escape, EW Vader at Target.

    Quick reviews:
    Shmi - great, but pale-skinned.
    Obi - Cool figure; love the duds, helmet.
    Vader - another nice figure. Cool effects.
    Han - Okay, but that's a caricature of Ford.
    Luke - I mean, "Bucky"; what is up with those teeth? Otherwise, nice figure. Great helmet.
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    Guess I'll reply to myself...

    After having opened these figures, and given them close 360-degree look-overs, I just had to say how impressed I am with some of these newbies.

    Emperor's Wrath Vader is simply incredible. Perhaps the best of many great (recent) Vader sculpts, this one has got just a perfect posability and look to it; close to that of Dagobah Vader/Luke. The "wrath" effects are incredible, and the skull inside is damn neat. The cape looks great, too. This is the sculpt that flash-back Vader should have been, thought FB Vader has the "two-hands-on-the-saber" that EW Vader should. Too bad, that.

    Okay, I was a little harsh on the new Han, and the Luke, too. I guess Han does look kinda like Ford, thanks to well-painted eyes 'neath the well sculpted brow. The nose is a little bit... "ethnic" looking (read: a bit big); that throws the likeness off some. The hair could've been a little better, too, but what I really like about this figure is the swivel joint on the arm, and that his torso and legs can be positioned in multiple ways without making him look stupid. Kudos, after all.

    As for the Luke... (I still can't forgive the teeth paint), but what detail in the flight suit. Every wrinkle scuplted nicely, and great attention to detail in his gear. A decent likeness, though of the four I've seen thus far, only ONE was painted well enough to resemble Mr. Hamill (who, by the way, turns 50 today!). Careful painting around those eyes, you assembly line putzes!!

    The others, both nice, but without any outstanding merits. The Shmi likeness is excellent. She was actually worth the 2-year-plus wait.
    "Do or do not... there is no try."

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    Any new finds out here?
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