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    Columbus, Ohio Summer 2002

    Just thought I would start a thread for the Columbus Ohio people that are here. Currently I have found all the new figures with the exception of the Han, Chewie, Obi wave. Anyone have any luck finding these guys?

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    Welcome Ohio Jedi. There are a few of us Ohio collectors on this forum. Up here in Cleveland I have yet to see the Chewie wave-if I do I will post it in the Cleveland, Ohio finds section. Maybe we should start an all Ohio thread?? Again welcome and HH

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    I have not seen that wave or the Djas Puhr wave in Springfield, Dayton or Columbus. Although I did find the new deluxe figures in Columbus on Tuesday. At Wal-mart.

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    I got lucky and grabbed the Djas wave at the Super Walmart in Polaris but they haven't had them in awhile.

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    I was also lucky and got the Djas wave at WM because there were 12 or so cases of figures sitting on a pallet so I went thru them all and found Djas and Palpatine. Since then I haven't seen any around.. HH
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    Just saw Djas and Palpatine at the Target on Polaris. They had a couple of each if anyone is interested.

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    I usually only get to the Wal-mart on the east side (Hilliard-Rome Rd). All they seem to be putting out is the Orn Free Taa wave the same for the ones in Dayton and Springfield.

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    Hey, Darth Diablo here. i am so glad someone started a Columbus, Ohio thread. I am a frequent visitor to the TRU on Sawmill Rd, and to the Wal Mart off of Tuttle Crossing. Here is my "Just Found Report".

    Just Found (as of 6/15/02):
    Last week at the Sawmill TRU, I saw 3 or 4 Bespin Vaders and Bespin Lukes.

    I still need a Yoda!! I have NEVER EVER seen one in a Columbus store. Anyone know which store I can find one in?

    Extras I have:
    If anyone needs them, I have for trade an extra Massiff, Dooku, Hangar Anakin, and Bespin Luke.

    Also, thanks to my job, I travel a LOT. Therefore, I have the ability to visit many cities and many stores, so I get to buy figures that are not available in Columbus. If you are in need of a particular figure, let me know which one, and maybe we can work out a trade. Like I said, I need a YODA, even 2!! I recently had a chance to pick up a Slice and Dice Deluxe Anakin and a Nexu while I was in the South. As a suggestion to this thread, if you have a sighting of any new figs, post a reply with what figs, store location, quantity, and date of sighting. That will help us collectors get there hopefully before any E Bay scalpers get there! Over and out!
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    Darth Diablo:

    The last time I saw a Yoda was at the Toy's R Us near Westland but it was a couple of weeks ago. If I find one I'll be more than happy to let you know. Currently the only figures I want are the Han/ Chewie/ Obi Wan wave. Hopefully they will make their way here soon. I'll be more than happy to post any findings I come across. I work in the Polaris area and usually spend my lunches on searches around Morse and Sawmill.

    Happy Hunting

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    Does anyone know where I can find the Boss Nass and Obi Wan Kenobi (the one that is on the top of the card) from the POTJ line? I was able to catch up every other figure from that line with the exception of these two. Any help would be apreciated.



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