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    Start Checking your local Targets. The past two days the one at Polaris has been putting out wave 2 assortments. I finally found the Research Droids and padawan 2 Pack. Finally caught up and now I hear Jedi Luke is out. Oh well.

    Happy Hunting

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    I live in Akron, and its nearly impossible to find any basic figures like Aayla Secura, Lama Su, Yoda & Chian, etc...I think they skipped over these or something. I was able to find a clone with speeder bike and padme droid factory over a month well as action fleet, but thats it (walmart). TRU, which there are three in the akron area..have some new clone wars items and plenty of imperial forces sets, but no new figures; it feels like they are pushing the Clone Wars items while the Saga items get pushed back. I was able to find a droid army pack, and they still have droideka launchers at the chapel hill TRU; but does anyone know who has the figures? TRU said they are only receiving Clone Wars new Saga as of yet. Does anyone near Akron know how to find these figures..other than ebay?

    update: the Stow Target has Spider Droids and Super Battle Droid Builders, and they are already on clearance.

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    I also live in Akron. I havent had a whole lot of luck but my best finds so far have been K-marts around the area. I got Mace, Obi-wan, Tyrannus, and R2-D2. I did find Aayla, and Bariss about six weeks ago in Canton Target. But have not seen any others since.

    So keep your eyes open in K-marts. Aslo check their clearance sections, I found a POTJ Darth Maul with Sith attack droid for $2. They hade a bunch and I got 2 ans so did my buddy. I went back for more and they were gone but lots of other stuff turn up quite often.

    I think because so many are going out of business that when left over junk is shipped to other stores they find things that have been sitting in the warehouse forever and never put on display.
    "Everything I tell you is a lie!"

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    WOW...I had a strange feeling (the force? ) to stop at a certain TRU today on my way home and found ALL the new figures...every single one. They opened 3 cases, so I got one of each...they still have plenty. [Padme secret ceremony, coleman trebor, wat tambor, etc.] The TRU is the Rolling Acres TRU in Akron, on Romig Rd., hurry and get what you can before a dealer takes them all. Good luck.

    PS- If anyone finds the jedi army or clone army packs in stores, pass the word along. Thanks.


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