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    Post Damaged Vaders Luke Bespin

    Has anyone actually found a Mint of either of these. Everyone I see has a crease on the back.

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    Most figures I find have creases on the back where the bubble is glued. I am sure it has to do with the design in the packaging. People who collect on card are in trouble.
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    I wish I could even find one of them period. But I gotta admit finding "mint" cards are VERY hard to do now. 90% of what i find have creases or bends of some kind. Cheapass packaging.

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    i have found many many severely creased figures of these two, but no more than out of the usual assortment.
    I've been lucky enough to finally come up with a couple of pretty mint ones though.

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    brianped, I moved you'r last thread here:

    Disappointed at Wal-Mart

    We are talking about the same thing there. You don't have your Private Messaging option turned on so I could not let you know about it.
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    You're not going to find "mint" at retail, there are just too many variables. However, some descriptions of "mint" include this line:

    The only creasing that may exist is from the gluing process. This can only be seen looking at an angle under the light.

    You're going to see that creased outline within a few years anyways, even if the initial product doesn't have it. It's not so bad on basic carded as it is on larger items like Jabba Glob.
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    It doesn't matter !! Free them from their packages. They are not going to be of any value in the future anyways, if ya think so, well keep searching. The only figures that may be of some value in the future are possibly the tail end of lines like i.e.Sio Bibble TPM , Bo Shek POTJ etc.

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    Most figs i have seen have the creases on the back of the cards, which is mainly caused by the way the bubble's attached to it.

    I don't mind really, since i open (most of) my figs.

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    Originally posted by DarthMaulSithLord
    Most figs i have seen have the creases on the back of the cards, which is mainly caused by the way the bubble's attached to it.

    I don't mind really, since i open (most of) my figs.

    I keep most of my figures on the cards just because I think they display well that way and if I really like it I'll buy one to open. I have noticed that the creases are becoming a more frequent problem with the new waves. Most of this is due to the fact that Hasbro is using thinner cardboard for the backs than they were only a few months ago. It's frustrating trying to find a MOC fig. but I just buy what is available at the time and then return it or open it once I find a mint one.
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