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Thread: R2-Q5 questions

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    R2-Q5 questions

    Just curious: how many of this figure do you have? How do you rate it in the POTJ line?

    I have five, all loose. For months I owned three, but one of my local Wal-Marts had two on damaged cards for a long time. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and bought them a couple of weeks ago.

    I think it's a nicely-done figure, though the eye-port is not as distinct as it should be. I wouldn't mind having a few more, since they go so well in nearly any Imperial display-scene.

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    i have none. i sure wish i had one.
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    I like him. I accidentally ended up with 4. I bought 1 and opened it. Then I saw another one a month or 2 later and decided to keep one carded. Then my wife bought me another because she didn't know if I had it or not. And just this week, I won an auction of 23 droids, and R2-Q5 was one of them.

    I like the figure. I agree with you about the eye, but overall, its pretty nice. I wouldn't complain if they produced more generic R2 units based off of his mold.
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    I've got one and I love this little evil droid. It's so cool all in black, one of my favorites and he's still carded till I find a second.

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    I have one, it's a very nicely done little astromech. I just wish the "eye" was a bit more detailed. It's pretty flat to the surface and hard to see.

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    I've only seen one in a local comic book shop, and I'm wearing down on not buying him. He looks like he needs a good home ;-)

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    I got another one today!
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    He's a droid, what can you say. He was the first POTJ figure I ever collected, a must have when I first saw him (I got two in a buy-one-get-one-free sale at KB). I told myself that I don't have the energy nor the money to start a new line (mainly the money) but KB and R2-Q5 sucked me in. I have a total of three, two carded and one opened.
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    I have a trio now, and the only things I don't like are the shallow radar eye and the "modern long 3rd leg" problem that gets all the recent astromech figures, where the middle leg is too long - it can be extended too far out but it can't be pushed all the way back in. It's a pretty good figure though, I think it's a shame that Hasbro wasn't able to get more of them out there (I got my 3 several months apart from each other, it was a slow waiting process).
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    Wow, hearing you guys talk about how you each own several it seems to me that they did get plenty of them out there (I managed to get the one I needed pretty easily) but that most of them ended up going to a much smaller number of collectors!


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