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    Unhappy Hasbro, your in danger

    Hasbro, I am an avid fan of the Star Wars line. And as a Moderator and a poster here I have seen many posts and opinions. I have come to this conclusion, You are in danger Hasbro.

    I have been noticing a growing rumble through the collecting community. It started with sub-par materials being used for weapons in the Sneak Peek line. The rumble is growing. I have heard many collectors declair that no longer will they collect because of poor distribution, short pack, shoddy paint jobs, etc. This disheartens me. Here are some of the problems I have noticed.

    Poor distribution - There are areas of the country that still have not received any Count Dooku's to date. In my area I have not seen any of the Teebo Wave, nor anything from the Bespin wave or Palpatine wave. You must find some better way of getting an equal amount of figures out to the puplic. Hasbro, you do not make money from eBay! And that is where most people will turn to find these figures. Meaning that they will have to spend more money to purchase a hard to find figure, and then they will have nothing left to spend when their area finally gets the new waves. You just lost sales!

    Shoddy paint/materials - One of the most important things in a figure is how well it stands up. Now I do not mean in an up-right postion(although that helps), I am speaking about how sturdy the figure/pack ins are. If a blaster "droops" over a matter of days, that does not speak highly of the manufacturer. These figures are suppose to be made for children, not us adult collector. While we do make up a majority of the sales, these are still toys. That being said, how long do think it would take a child to break a lightsaber peg, or completly muck up Shaak Ti's arms, or the Clone Troopers blaster. How long would it take for them to lose Hanger Duel Anakin's arm????
    And if these figures are being made for the collector's, how many of us are going to pick up a figure with a really bad paint job?? I have passed on many figures because there is a paint smuch on them, or their eyes bleed into the face, or the colors are different from figure to figure that I do not know which one is the correct one. Part of my purchasing is the paint application. If it is not good, I pass. Now I didn't saw perfect, I said good.

    Gimmicks - There are a good number of people who despise these gimmick. They have passed of figures they were looking forward to because of how the gimmick made them look or pose. The Arena Padme is a prime example. I love everything about this figure, except that nasty looking arm! The sculpt is great, and even the pose is "dealable", but the peg in the shoulder, and "I can't even really put my gun down" is what really detract from that figure. And please stop with the HUGH magnents! I love the idea of the Metal lightsaber hilts. I think this is the best improvement to the Jedi that you could have done! Keep them coming! But, reduce the size of the magnents, or hide them in the hand! Poor Chase Obi-Wan looks like he has a tumor growth on this right hand!
    If you are going to add gimmick, at least make sure they are in line with the character, are pretty well hidden, and does not interfer with the over all look of the figure.

    If you can improve some of what is above, I assure you that the fans will back it. And you will see it by the number of figures that would be sold. If not, I sense a decline coming on the horizon. It is the same decline that I saw hit the Comic book community. If your customers have to go to eBay to full fill their collecting needs, then you are not doing something right. There is no need that 2 days after a new wave is released, someone has to go to eBay to get the figure they want. Ebay is costing you money!!!

    Thank you for you time in reading this, and hopfully correcting some problems. If you would have any need to contact me on anything above please do.
    Dar' Argol
    Concerned collector
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    Amen DA. I sincerely hope that someone from Hasbro reads this and gives it some serious thought. What we are asking for will increase your profits in the long run, by making your customers happier with future product. It's time to lay all of our chips on the table. The days of just buying these figures because the Star Wars name is slapped across the package are coming to an end - and soon! Lose the gimmicks & extreme poses, return to hard plastic accessories, and focus on your distribution. You have a legion of collectors out there that are just waiting for you to give them something to be excited about. Don't let them down anymore.
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    I second that emotion!

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    I totally agree, my interest in this line is waning fast. We still haven't recieved the Massif wave OR the Bespin wave and the stores have stopped ordering new figures, because they can't get rid of the garbage!

    As it stands right now, I just want a Cloud City Chewie and Ephant Mon and I plan to quit. It's just too frustrating and the fun has gone.

    Thanks for doing the impossible Hasbro, killing my interest in the Star Wars line.
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    I also just want Ephant Mon and Cloud City Chewie and Han Endor( a big maybe) and I'll get any really nice figures we haven't seen pics of yet if that happens at all. I agree with everything you said.

    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    I for one will certainly continue buying anything Hasbro puts out simply because, between sub-par Star Wars figures and none, I prefer the sub-par. However, I understand that I'm certainly in the very small minority, and even I believe that things can certainly be better.

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    Right on DA!!
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    RooJay - I am the same way, I will continue to buy Star Wars as long as they continue to make it. But I am very dissappointed with the way the new line is being handled. I am disgusted with some of the "action" poses and the gimmicks or action feature and just plain out stupid. It sucks not having an Obi-Wan for my Starfighter or a decently posed Jango and Boba for Slave I. HASBRO LISTEN UP, GO BACK TO THE REGULAR POSES BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELVES.

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    I agree totally Dar....
    I hate those poses and the only figure I've bought with an action feature is Kit Fisto and that's just because of how cool he's looking.
    Also I want Hasbro to distribute better to the outside world of America.....US isn't the only country in the world that has Star Wars collectors,I myself has a pretty big collection for an Icelander,mainly because I used to live in Massachusetts.
    I want my figures to Interact with each other in a proper way,for ex: I cant let my Eeth Koth talk to Yoda or the other Jedis cause he's always gonna slash right through them with his lightsaber,it's always like he's going to chop some wood. And Luminara,oh crap,soddy paint-job,and when the other Jedis want to have a word with her,she poses like she's dancing or something.
    Distribute better to Europe,make the figures equally available to everyone,do better paintjob and stop all those stupid stupid gimmicks and "action poses"...I hate "action features/poses"

    Like we say in Icelandic: "Drullist til ağ breyta einhverju hjá ykkur,annars hafiğ şiğ şağ æ verra og verra af"
    translation: "You better do a better job changing back,or you'll have a really bad time dealing with us".

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    RooJay & WesleySR, I'm with you. I think these things look great! I understand the reasons for the softer materials, and I don't care. They look better now than ever. I will always buy these things as long as I have a few dollars in my pocket .
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