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    Unhappy JonBenet still brings the freakshow even after death.

    The whole thing is a freakshow. JonBenet was a freak and didn't stand a chance 'cos her parents were dressing her up like a sl*tty over-the-hill Vegas lounge singer. Her parents were setting her up for a young adulthood of dressing in various items of little girl clothing whilst posing for adult magazines. This bint who claims he didn't kill her but that death was an accident is a child-bride taking freak and not a very snappy dresser. Could you pull those pants up any higher, Ed Grimley???!!! Confessor's ex-wife says he's got issues but didn't kill JonBenet and she knows it 'cos she was with him the night of her death. GAH!!!!!!!

    Oh, what a sick, sick world!
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    apparently this weirdo was talking to Jonbenets mom for a bunch of years and could possibly have agreed to take the fall to clear her name.

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    I think its "funny" that this guy says he was with JonBenet when she died but he didn't kill her. So lets see....... you were with her, in her parents basement in the middle of the night when she died 10 years ago. So why didn't you tell the police of this 'accident' way back when????

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    It's all so sordid and white trashy despite how much make-up or how many countries all of this involves.
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    Why would the mom kill her, what was the motive? I could see the dad doing it if he was a perv or something, but the mom?

    It's sick either way because a little girl was murdered but we had to see this freakshow on and off the last decade. Yuck.

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    This whole thing is just a craxy circus. Hopefully the truth comes out one day for that girls sake, whatever the real truth would be.
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    I doubt if we'll ever know the truth. It's not as clear as the OJ murders. Maybe we can blame the murder of JonBenet on That cold blooded killer who walks free amongst us.
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    They should really just drop this case. The truth will never be known for real.
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    Like Jon Stewart said in a Daily Show Newsbreak yesterday, "Has JonBenet Ramsey's killer been caught? And, even if he hasn't, can we say he has and be done with the whole thing?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    JonBenet was a freak and didn't stand a chance 'cos her parents were dressing her up like a sl*tty over-the-hill Vegas lounge singer.
    Good call. There is undeniably something incredibly unseemly about the public's interest in this case. Sadly, it may in fact be the very strange footage and pictures of a 6-year-old child made up and dressed up to look like an adult. Nobody wants to blame the victim, but it seems to me that many people may entertain the thought, if only for a moment, that the child was custom primped to be bait for a child-predator.

    Could that be part of the media's desire to hang her parents- the idea that, guilty or not of the actual crime, there was some boundary being crossed in dressing your child as a Vegas showgirl and parading her about in front of whomever?
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