Does it bother anyone else how lately, it seems artists have no qualms about quickly selling their hit song to any car or long-distance commercial? I mean, I'm by no means a fan of Destiny's Child, but when I saw the 1-800 Collect commercial, all I could think was, God what a sellout. But should I expect any less, after all they're only a pop band, and not a good one at that. Ok, so a better example, though not a new song, I was disappointed to see Stone Temple Pilots sell their song to a car commercial. Although I can't stand them, I was equally disappointed to see Barenaked Ladies do the same thing. I'm sure theres countless more examples, I just can't think of another right now. It just seems to me an artist completely loses all integrity when they use their art to hawk products, and it seems more rampant today than it ever used to be. Am I crazy, do I just expect too much out of mere musicians, am I nitpicking, or all of the above?