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    Angry Does the new battle droid suck or what...

    Why would anyone buy an inferior version of this guy compared to EP1?

    Your thoughts...?

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    The only problems I've got with it are gummy plastic (okay for accessories, NOT FOR FIGURES), and no knee articulation.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    The only problems I've got with it are gummy plastic (okay for accessories, NOT FOR FIGURES), and no knee articulation.
    Yep, my thoughts too. I was expecting the same level of articulation when I opened my first AOTC Battle Droid, and I was shocked that his knees couldn't bend.
    And the gummy plastics suck. I bet that would mostly get rid of the problem with its head falling off. The POTJ Battle Droid (Security)'s head falls off every once in a while; but nothing like what the AOTC one will do if you take off the rubber band.
    But, all in all, I really don't mind them. I bought a few more since the price drop, and if they ever go on clearance (or I ever get some more money ), I'll get some more.

    End .
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    Yea, he sucks pretty bad, but not near as bad as the Super Battle Droid. They should have at least made his arm rotate into firing position. And good luck getting him to stand up. Lame. I'll be posing a 1-10 review on this in a couple of days, just like I started with Padme, and tomorrow Obi Wan. You should join the disscusion.

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    He has one nipple! Oh wait, that holds the blast effect.
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    All the Battle Droids suck big time. I will not, not, buy one until they are being cleared out for 1.99.

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    I agree with you mrmiller, the super battle droid is far worse. In terms of construction and durability, this could be the worst figure of the new Saga line.

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    Are you guys mad? The Super Battle Droid rules!!! I have two (one carded and one loose) and it stands just fine! The arm doesn't rotate, but you can fix that by bending the arm after suubmerging it in boiled and then in icecold water.

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    The SBD is a cool figure, IMO. I have a few standing on real stands, so that may be why I don't have a problem with them. I imagine that they might have a problem standing on their own. The regular BDs, DO suck though - entirely too "gummy" all around.

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    I love the SBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?!?!? He's an awesome figure! How could you claim him as the worst figure of the SAGA line?


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