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    video camera accessory

    Does anybody know where you could find a 3 3/4" figure scale video camera? Which toy it is packed with?

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    Re: video camera accessory

    Originally posted by RollaJedi
    Does anybody know where you could find a 3 3/4" figure scale video camera? Which toy it is packed with?

    I feel like I've seen something like that. Scour the Barbie aisle and other unlikely toys. Every once in a while something like that gets tossed into another line of toys.

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    Ever tried looking at the Lego movie studio sets?
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    If you're looking for a Star Warsish camera, the E1 Senator Palpatine had a Senate Cam that came with a stand that plugged into the COMMtech chips.
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    I was with my wife and daughter in the Barbie aisle at Walmart. My wife pointed out that had some 4" action figures that were made for girls. If I remember correctly, it included a VW beetle, a bike/moped thing, 3 figres, and a whole load of accessorys. There might have been a camera in there. Granted, most everything was pink or purple, but nothing a little paint couldn't cover. The whole set was $10-15. The figures might make good Tonnika sisters.
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    Having a six year old daughter I think I know of the camera of which you speak, problem is it is barbie size.
    If this is the one you are thinking of it comes with one of the Generation Girls, my daughter has this one and it even comes with spare video tapes although I dont know wether it fits inside.
    It also comes with a clapper board as all these range of barbies had hip and trendy hobbies, This ones hobby was obviously making porn films
    Hope thi helps as I have just shamed myself with my knowledge of little girly toys
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    There was a Godzilla movie figure that had a video camera of that scale. If you can find one it should be cheap.
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    If not, I may have one but I cant check for a few weeks.
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