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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.

    Talking how many times have you seen it so far?

    i have seen it 4 times (once more for a memeroy refreser tomorrow ) this will be an iteresting "poll."

    let me know...
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    a mere 3 times and i didn't find the royal guards until the 3rd viewing.
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    Twice in the theater (once too many, IMO,) and various viewings from "other sources." I really got burned out from this movie after the second viewing though.
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    More than 6 and less than 8.
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    3 times. twice in the united states and 1 here in my country philippines. im gonna see it again after i saw the tv spot critic commercial. its almost a month now and theyre still playing it in theaters here in the philippines. unlike spiderman, it only lasted for 3 weeks.

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    I saw Episode 1 four times (each in a different month) and I want to beat that with AOTC. So, I've seen it three times and I am going to see it again today. I will see it at least once more as well to beat my record.

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    6 times, and hoping to catch it at least twice more before it leaves the theatres.

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    once in a god awful cinema where the surround sound rain on kamino sounded like crisp bag rustling.
    And once in a digital cinema to make up for first time.
    Wish I'd done the digital first the seismic charge sound shook the whole room
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    2 times in the cinema and various scenes (like yoda/dooku fight etc.) several times on the pc (from a pal whose father went to russia for business trip)

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    4 times, only once was at a digital screening. Probably going again tonight.
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