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    Ooh! I really like that Mr.Big song, "Next to be with you"

    "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!"
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    I listen to lots and lots of music, so it'd be hard to list everything I listen to that's not popular. However, there are three that are below all else in my collection:

    1) Tom Jones: The Very Best of Tom Jones--At least this one I occasionally exploit for its humor value.

    2) Stryper--I have all their tapes up to In God We Trust. Although now I recognize that they were a lame Kiss knock-off (and worse: a spin-off from Poison!) that only gained popularity through their exploitation of the label "Contemporary Christian," I occasionally have to blast "To Hell With the Devil" or their cheesy rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

    3) Debbie Gibson: Electric Youth--Yep, I own the only copy played after May 17, 1991.
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    Red face

    I used to love those Dawson's Creak songs by Paula Cole and Heather Nova. Before I realized they were Dawson's Creak songs, now I don't admit to anybody I like them.


    Oh wait, forget you read that.
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    I listen to alot of different types.I can go from hard rock to soft to pop. Don't tell anyone but [ABBA] did I say that! No I didn't,that was my evil twin.
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    Don't tell anyone but [ABBA] did I say that! No I didn't,that was my evil twin.
    Don't worry I won't tell anybody since I like to listen to some ABBA from time to time.

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    Yeah, I like ABBA too, and I know I SHOULD feel kinda guilty, but from a melodic, pop-songwriting standpoint, their music really is pretty brilliant. That's the biggest problem with today's pop-groups: too much emphasis on over-production and not enough on writing good songs.

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    I have a James Bond CD with all the theme songs up to "Tomorrow Never Dies" on it. With my anal retentivness honed, I have altered the original order of the songs to play in actual order of original release on my computer at home.

    For some reason I just can't play "A View to a Kill" before "From Russia With Love." It's sacrilege I tells ya'! I can imagine poor old Cubby Broccoli turning in his grave...
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    Dionne Warwick sings Burt Bacharach.........
    I also listen to ABBA. I have the soundtrack to Miss Saigon and sing along to the Jonathan Price bits which really tax the vocal chords Nothin' like a rousing musical theatre experience to make you feel dirty and shameful. Especially one with naughty words in it. well, not that naughty....
    I found a site that had loads of ancient tacky tv themes on it and saved them to my PC so I can listen to stuff like the Quincey theme while I type. It's wicked the buzz I get from cheesey theme tunes.

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    CD-wise, Hootie and the Blowfish and Phil Collins get some regular airplay by me. I never am ashamed of my Weird Al collection (I have all your albums...), but it's still a kind of guilty pleasure. As for groups I like but may not have albums, cassettes, or CDs of:

    - Katrina and the Waves (tell me, just try and feel bad during "Walking on Sunshine!" )
    - MC Hammer
    - Kenny Rogers
    - Primus
    - Elton John
    - Megadeth (really!)
    - Suzanne Vega
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    Theres been some good and funny responses to this thread. It's funny how what is a guilty pleasure band to one can be a proudly listened to band to another. Here's a few more of mine:

    Randy Travis (grew up with country-listening parents)

    BeeGees (I'm sorry, but I like Saturday Night Fever)

    Duran Duran

    Janet Jackson (My name ain't Baby. It's Janet)

    I realize these are much worse than my first entry. I was basically testing the waters if you know what I mean. Then I saw some of the other responses and didn't feel so bad.
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