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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    [B] [COLOR=skyblue] [It's wicked the buzz I get from cheesey theme tunes.
    At work we thrive on shows like Magnum, PI and such on the TV in the bar. One guy I work with knows exactly when the credits to the Rockford Files comes on, turns it on just to hear the theme song, and then flips back to SNL reruns.

    You hear some pretty sweet themes on the Game Show Network, too.
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    Thumbs up hey, the Price Is Right Theme's really cool :)

    "i find considering the enjoyment of any music a 'guilty' pleasure a curious concept" -composer philip glass
    it sounds like my man glass is not sufficiently acquainted w/much of what we're discussing here

    fulit: bee gees' "night fever" and "more than a woman" are cool, as well as quite a few other things on that soundtrack but everything else bg's did was LAME duran's got several cool tunes such as "planet earth", "rio", "save a prayer", "anyone out there", "last chance on the stairway", "new religion" and the VTAK theme. alas, aside from vtak and ordinary world, everything after their first 2 albums sucks

    b-cj: elton's got some cool songs, they even sang along to one in Almost Famous

    ej, mj, o-dan, o-don: the only abba i like is sos, and yes they and smashmouth Are guilty pleasures

    fulit, o-dan, ec: blondie's "do the dark", "live it up" and "rapture" from her Autoamerican album're Great a few of debbie harry's solo cuts like "mood ring", "backfired" and "now i know you know" are cool too

    bibfarttuna: how does that south park fart song sound on cd?

    s873: i used to Hate tom putty & the fartmakers, now for some reason i don't mind him so much

    ec: ever see dweezil zappa's ton jones impression? a real hoot
    the masters at work 12" remix of dg's "losin myself" is pretty cool maw's "little" louie vega was a producer on a lot of her early stuff. of course, this was before he (along w/maw partner kenny dope) helped give rise to the cool house sound of the early 90s

    mc: re john barry talk, i'm yer man

    quiet riot? stryper?? john denver??? phil collins???? mc Hammer????? all right then, if that's how you guys wanna play, THE GLOVES ARE OFF!
    since your obvious aim in mentioning those "artists" is to turn our stomachs, i think it's time to raise the stakes and expose you all to a lethal dose of DIAGONAL WOOD MUSIC
    "diagonal wood music" is what a friend of mine & i have christened an especially vile strain of pop that plagued fm radio circa 1978-80. the name derives from the wall-treatment fad popular at the time among fans of this cancer: think fern bars, hot tubs, houses with solar heating. before you know it, you'll be in that diagonal wood state of mind
    a few "artists" were guilty of defining and embodying the diagonal wood sound in its purest form. they, along with their hit songs, were as follows:
    al stewart: "year of the cat", "time passsages (buy me a tic-ket onnn thelast train home 2-niiite)"
    ambrosia: "you're the biggest part of me", "that's how much i feel"
    firefall: "you are the woman (that i've always dreamed of)", "just remember i love you"
    england dan & john ford coley: "nights are forever without you", "it's sad to belong to someone else (when the right one comes along)", "i'd really love to see you tonight"
    rupert holmes: "answering machine", "escape (the pina colada song)"
    starting to see a pattern? lyrics that'd fit like a glove into a Ziggy cartoon? wimpy, Three's Company-style keyboards? dorky bandmembers with such horrible tastes in fashion there's no Way they woulda got laid if they Hadn't had a top40 hit?
    a few others contributed one-shots to the genre:
    robbie dupree: "steal away (into the night)" (also known as the song that tried to rip off doobie brothers' "what a fool believes" )
    little river band: "reminiscing (we'll go dancin in the dark, walkin thru the park and. . . )"
    steely dan: "dirty work"
    not All diagonal wood music is bad, however; just Most of it a few exceptions:
    gerry rafferty: "right down the line", "home & dry", "baker street" (ok, that last one Is kinda cheesy )
    pablo cruise: "whatchoo gonna do (when she says goodbye)", "love will find a way"
    can anyone else think of some? and remember, fall is the Perfect time for diagonal wood
    aren't you glad this topic got started?
    np: babys, "isn't it time"
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    Guilty pleasures....hmmmmm....I let very few people know that the majority of what I listen to is classical music and film score. For some reason, that's just not cool in high school. And neither is Oingo Boingo. So I guess those are my guilty pleasures, although if you enjoy something you should never be guilty.

    In the way of movies (I know, off topic)--Star Wars saga (8 or so people who really know me know that I like it), and...egads!..Sister Act. You can all stone me, hang me, and put me in front of a firing squad now if you want for that particular offense.

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    The following information is Top Secret. Any leaking of these facts to friends or girls I know will result in immediate execution:

    I thought some tunes on Prince's Purple Rain were cool. Yeah, yeah, shut up...the dude's a killer guitar player actually.

    Steely Dan

    I sometimes stop and listen when Garbage is on the radio.

    Some Paul McCartney solo stuff. Oh no...not the earlier cool solo stuff, I'm talking Pipes of Peace/Tug of War 80's crap....but that was a while ago.

    I always liked that song "Cars" by Gary Numan.

    .......................of I have to kill you!
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    I've been listening to Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits CD for a little while now.

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    Originally posted by Wooooof
    I've been listening to Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits CD for a little while now.
    One of my all-time favorites. I've played it so many times, if I ever went deaf, I could repeat that one in my head for the rest of my life.
    Thomas Lane

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    "isn't it good....diagonal wood.......

    at some tome or another, found myself in horror either tapping out the beat to these tunes with my fingers against the dash, or even......gasp! hummin the tunes out loud!

    steely dan: fm - actually anything else from that lamo movie

    joe walsh: lifes been good - another lamo trax from that lamo movie

    orleans: still the one - ack!

    dire straits: sultans of swing - el layed to the hilt. at least baker street had an interesting sax hook!

    jay ferguson: thunder island sha la la lovely m'lady....whoo boy!

    10cc: the things we do for love - i've told my damn fingers, that the next time they move so much as an inch if that song comes on, they're gone! finished. chop!

    paul mcCartney: silly love songs, let em in, listen to what the man said, et all - and this boy wuz a beatle?

    np: sex pistols - pretty vacant (now that's some gooooood muzak!)
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Well now I feel pathetic, I never considered listening to ABBA a guilty pleasure. Thanks for crushing my spirit guys!! My guilty pleasure has to be that Bye Bye Bye song from Nsync. I can't stand any of those teeniebop groups, but I catch myself singing out loud to that song if I hear it on the radio. Another guilty pleasure is Country music. Personally, I love it, but I get alot of grief from my friends when we're in the car and I start singing along to one of the songs. I think they are just jealous of my voice... yeah thats it!!!
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    No offense but I absolutely hate country music. I hate it because all the people I know that like country stuff are freaks.

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    Country music is, for the most part, bad adult contemporary sang with an exaggerated twang. It also has a disturbing tendency to dwell on wives leaving their husbands in the pickup--and worst of all, taking the dog!

    However, I can stand Shania Twain (she's a cutie), the Dixie Chicks (I kinda dig the strings), Ray Stevens (funny stuff), Willie Nelson (excellent guitar), Hank Sr (great songwriter), and Johnny Cash (though I'll go to my grave insisting he's folk and therefore cool enough to listen to regularly). I even can tolerate some Garth Brooks, especially his cover of KISS's "Hard Luck Woman."

    Repeat none of this.
    That's my jacket!


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