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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    I was at a TRU the other day and I heard a strangely familiar song over the store radio. It was "Lapti Nek" remade as a pop song!! The end must be near!
    Why the heck would anybody or anything want to remake that song.

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    ok, ok, so thunder island is on the threshold of being dw.....

    another non diagonal woody, but of equal time transportin' capabilities would be gordon lightfoot - wreck of the edmond fitzgerald no other song takes me back to am radio, november 76 quite like that one does.

    real dw calssics

    chuck mangione - feels so good i know, i know, it's got no lyrics, but the dw sentiment is still there in full force. if it did have lyrics it would of coursen be sumtin' like this....feels so good, sittin' in the hot tub, watchin the sunlight bouncin' off the clouds that are high up in the sky....................

    doobie brothers - what a fool believes diagonal wood at it's it's somthing.

    starland vocal band - afternoon delight eeewwwww

    supertramp - give a little bit here we go again.........(istill like crime of the century )

    climax - precious and few ahhhrooooooooo cry da big woof!

    maureen mcgovern - there's got to be a morning after actually, this one may be the original source from which all diagonal wood sprang from.

    taveres - heaven must be missing an angel oohhhh boy, make my diagonal wood, red wood baby!

    and last but not leas.......well maybe least john paul young - love is in the air

    np: warrior - kill the machines
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    Talking oh my god, how could've i've forgotten the quintessential diagwood instrumental??

    uh heh heh, yyyyup, you are Too right gsj; even hank & peggy hill haven't forgotten about mangy-oh-nay other diagwood VerdicTs:
    -isn't tavares more disco?
    -it is the judgment of the diag wood court that despite its obviously qualifying arrangement & syrup, "what a fool believes" somehow does Not qualify as diagwood. it's almost the doobie's attempt to cash in on the disco dollar (disco stations routinely played it, while routinely shunning dyedinthewool diagwood; it seems the diagwood crowd fancied themselves too Meaningful to run with that frivolous disco crowd (when in truth they probably just couldn't keep up ); as a result, the disco world made the snubbing mutual
    -"precious & few"? nope; a la "did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world", too vegasy, too love-boaty, too over-the-top to be diag wood- and not enough of diagwood's delusions of understated good taste same with "morning after" (esp. if that love boat gets capsized )
    -"afternoon delight"? nope; too grape-nutsy, a la america, james taylor and "edmund fitzgerald" (only gordon f i like is "if you could read my mind; i even heard a house version of this in too wong foo little river band's "reminiscing" is about as close to rural as diagwood gets. regardless of physical location, diagwood ain't rural, and it ain't urban. it's strictly a Suburban state of mind
    here's one to debate: "(i wanna) kiss you all over" by exile; is this also too rural, or does it make the diagwood grade? how bout "slow dancin (swaayin to the music)" by johnny rivers? or was he too MOR for diagwood?
    consider carefully, these are important quextions
    np: lapti nek SUCKS

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    Thumbs up i cast my vote for exiles wanna kiss you all over

    not too sure about mr. secret agent man though he is definately mor! but mor don't mean fahgedabahdit, i offer the following mor to the academy for consideration

    seals and croft - get closer summer breeze and diamond girl were close enough , if this tune was any closer to the dw line, it would be behind it! :P

    bob welch - sentimental lady i wasn't much of a fleetwood mac fan when he was drivin the mac

    speakin o' mac christine perfects - heroes are hard to find seem like a fine dw contender

    david gates and bread - pick one, any one! , for the moment i'll go with make it with you

    sammy johns - chevy truck sammy may have started in the middle of the road, but he found the ditch pretty darn quick

    cornelius brother/sister rose - too late to turn back now i believe i believe i believe i believe i'm fallin in love (and i can't get back up!) somebody hit me!

    the main ingrediant - everybody plays the fool if you asked me, they left out the main ingrediant! (of course you may find that this tune leans more to disco (however, if you try dancin' to it, you find that it's jes plain impossible!)

    reunion - life is a rock (but the radio rolled me) dw rap!

    if there's such a thang as dw metal then that list would have to include raspberries - go all the way

    last but o' course not least of my diagonal wood selections for consideration is hall and oats - rich girl it's a beeyotch girl!
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    Hey I agree with Troxell, If you like something you shouldn't feel guilty!

    For me, I think all my friends know I'm weird enough, so they don't think anything of the stuff I listen too. They also know I listen tooo Everything!!!

    You know one thing I hate, is when people say Oh yeah I listen to all kinds of music, then you ask them who they listen to and they're like, "Oh bands like Sugerhill Gang and P dorky duffy did puff something whatever!" Or in the same vein, They'll be like"Oh I like Classic Rock, Rock, AND Heavy Metal" UuuHuh! Sure!

    But really, I'll listen to anyone from Willie Dixon to Tool, Miles Davis to Radiohead, Patsy Cline to Sarah Mclachlan, and Gustav Holst to Urban Dance Squad

    The only music I just don't really listen to alot of is HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY Metal-the kind where the lead singer sounds like he's gonna barf up his lungs everytime he sings if you can call it that! Hard Hard Hard core Gansta Rap(those guys should be shot), and New Age(Yanni, and John tesh sort of crap)

    The only groups that I can think of that I listened to growing up that I always got weird looks about were, Duran Duran, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, and Poison? But, like I said I don't care they still rock, and hey Poisons making a come back I hear?!!! HeHeHeeee

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    Originally posted by The 'Xir

    Hard Hard Hard core Gansta Rap(those guys should be shot),

    I hope the irony of that statement didn't escape you.
    Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis

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    Not in the slightest!

    Oh and just so no one goes off their rocker about that little comment, NO I do not wish any ill will, or harbor prejudice, towards anyone! It's just that those guys...well... should be shot! kidding!!!

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    Wink diag-wood VerdicTs: like shootin gone-bad fish in an fm barrel

    while i do like em, "go all the way" & "too late to turn back now", don't qualify as qualify as diagonal wood any more than looking glass' "brandy" or four season's "who loves you", respectively. they're much more early-70s gimmick sounds as for "get closer": too much incense, not enough martini & rossi asti spumonti, martini & rossi asti spumonti
    "everybody plays the fool"?? being that diagonal wood is always utterly soulless, how could it ever be black, fooo? eptf fits more with "what you see it what you get", "love train", "walkin in rhythm" & other 70s r&b fall-mornin classix

    david gates & bread's got too much of an am sound for diagwood (which is never without its fm pretensions), it's too low-tech, too treble, not enough studio processing, a la that song that guy was singin ("i gaaave my love a cherry, that had no stone, i gaaave my love a chicken, that had no bone" ) in animal house right before belushi/bluto grabbed the guy's guitar, smashed it against the wall, handed it back and said "sorry"

    "rich girl"?? oh, i spose you also think billy joel's "i'm movin out" is diagwood too?? after all, "i'm movin out" has that ridiculous motorcycle-engine-revvin-up-then-receding sound-effect to illustrate the lyrics in case we're too dumb to get the point without it not familiar w/others you name, maybe they had an east-coast skew a la joel & only charted in that region?

    but despair not, your efforts are not All bullet-riddled carp: you have uncovered One true diagwood gem in your mineload: "sentimental lady" is truly wretched in that certain way only mainline diagwood can be
    np: another diagwood we just thought of: csn's "just a song before i go" their "our house", while close (mentioning 2 cats in the yard is a big diagwood plus), has a too-specifically new-england sensibility, which is maybe why diane chambers (shelly long) deigned to like it
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    Arrow not meaning to take this thread on a skewed tangent......

    but i's got's to address your 70's r&b early morning classix comment

    some of my best adolescent music memories are made of these:happy:

    o'jays - back stabbers! in 1972, my high school had just built a new library complete with grundig tuners fer listening with koss headphones (ain't nothing like listening to 70's groove through a grundig with koss phones i always say!), and october of 72 was the time for r&b bands to be makin' a big splash on the mor fm stations in nyc! and back stabers led the bunch....what they do

    the staple singers - i'll take you there, and baby, did they ever!

    gladys night and the pips - midnight train to georgia, whooo whooo!

    bill whithers - lean on me, unfortunately this fall classic's been watered down through countless souless covers however, there is also his other fall morning classic use me :happy:

    pointer sisters - yes we can can, yes they did did

    i could go on with this list fer sometime, but of course, we are not here for these.

    as fer "oh, i spose you think billy joels moving out is diagwood?", nah, just plain old crappy, just like everything this boy from baal's neck of the woods has done. (ok, ok, i do like scenes from an italian restaurant , don't know why, but i do)

    that guy warblin' on the guitar in animal house was actually in fact stephen bishop, a man who's muzak is dangerously close to diagwood, similar in style to kenny loggins, who's foot loose i am submitting fer nomination. (i know, i know, a couple o' years past the diagwood cut off date, but damn woody anyway's)

    speakin' o neo wood (wood neuvoux?) tommy tutone jenny (867-5309), is kinda punk wood.

    and for my last consideration to the board fer today, stevie wonder (yep, stevie wonder) isn't she lovely
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    I nominate....

    ...James Taylor
    as the founding member of the Diagonal Wood Music Hall of Fame.
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