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    SWAF: I had the opportunity to see Rush back in '97 but couldn't go. My 2 older brother's got to go (they are bigger fans) and enjoyed it. Amazing they can perform all those songs live, with all of that music/instruments, with just 3 people. But truly they are one of the greatest (even if they are Canucks )

    VT: I do like that GL work along with "Sundown" and "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." And if I am not mistaken an updated "If You Could Read My Mind" was featured in the movie 54 with Mike Myers and Selma Hayek.

    And yes the Spoonful did 2 songs for Woody Allen's movie What's Up, Tiger Lily." One is called "Pow!" That song hasn't really caught on to me.
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    Being true Metal Manowarrior (so long my stride the earth doth tremble with fear) and all, my nusical guilty pleasures would have to be 1-Gordon Lightfoot 2-Ray Parker jr(the ghostbuster- he's got some totally hilarious stuff that's actually pretty good in a weird way)

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    Swaffy and VT, I've tried to keep outta this thread for raisons d'egoiste but need some humility today so;

    Hong Kong Swing Cruella De Ville My parents shoulda worried when their 9 year old bought this 12" record. It is absolutely awful, I liked it for the novelty I guess but wasn't aware just how naff it was until I hit puberty It'd never get pressed these days what with the psychotic PC awareness that seems to infect like Captain Trips No-one will've ever heard this so for your info, typical lyrics include;

    "Get into the rhythm of the Hong Kong Swing
    You grab a little geisha then you have a little fling"

    and worse

    "Hare, Hare, Kamikaze, sianara sing, sweet n sour oo-ahh , Hong Kong Swing!"

    (Actually, this probably would qualify for the PC censor)

    You Spin Me (like a record) Dead or Alive - Is it a bloke? is it a shemale? is it an It? Probably the scariest and ugliest drag queen in the world, this Liverpudlian horror populated the charts with camp hits in the 80s. I loved the video with the many-armed dancing and turned on to the record - again I was but a child so I have an excuse. Anyone into horror should check out the 12" of Something in my house with its liberal sampling of The Exorcist and House

    Rofo's Theme - Rofo Massive superHi NRG gay anthem that I have no idea why I bought in 1990 as it is almost as new as a pin, unplayed but for night I bought it....A Super-Club I went to years ago used to have a record stand where you could pick up promos and white label tracks along with other dance and pop choons. I must've been melted the night I bought this petrifying horror of an instumental.

    I can see I've lost you all now, so that's all

    Swaffy and VT, you can see why I'm not keen on recording a CD for the upcoming transpondal package


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    Talking "why's mykajackson tryina make hisseff look like a ol' chinese Woman?"

    -quip by an otherwise unmemorable actress/sista on PI last night :happy:
    quoting lyrics out of context as a way of illustrating a song's banality, eh jdah? what, are you tryin out for a job as a banal Rolling Stone rock critic? i agree, that deadoralive song is eeeww recordin a cd? i thought you was gonna make me a VTape instead??
    lbc: yer prolly right, but i haven't seen 54 since it came out & it seems like i've heard the housey "read mind" more recently. and re spoonfuls' Tiger Lily music, i meant their bond-sih instrumental cues. i agree, their TL pop tunes did nuthin for me either
    gsj, swaffy et al: diagwood scholar pal & i have recalled a few more candidates for consideration:
    stephen bishop, "save it for a rainy day" (includes the lyric, "well she's kinda pretty" -perhaps cuz, were she Really pretty, the diagwood audience might not deem this song sufficiently mellow & middling )
    kenny loggins & stevie nicks, "whenever i call you friend" (did one of you already cite this? )
    dr. hook, "sharing the night together" (as opposed to sharing the night Apart? ) his "love you a little bit more" was also suggested, but i don't personally recall it-
    np: trashmen, "surfin bird" (might surf rock comprise a whole new frontier of guilty pleasure music for us to wallow in? )

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    mabudon.....this hurts me as much as it hurts you....but due to your admittance of Ray Parker Jr., I must request the Dio picture be removed immediately and replaced with a nude photo of Kip Winger.....I'm sorry, but you brought this on yourself....

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    I commonly listen to punk/ska bands such as:

    Rx Bandits
    Five Iron Frenzy
    Rancid (Op Ivy if you prefer)
    Bad Religion
    Reel Big Fish
    The Hippos

    Bands that people know of that I listen to:

    Linkin Park
    Adema (that new band who's lead singer is brother to Korn's lead singer)
    The Beatles
    A lot of Metal bands from early 80's (not hair metal!!!)

    My guilty pleasure music:

    Huey Louis and the News!!! I saw these guys New Years in Vegas just a few months ago. I've loved these guys since their stint on the Back to the Future soundtrack.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    Nah, the Vtape went out the window when I realised how much effort would be involved just trying to get teh camcorder outta my brothers mitts is like trying to steal 7s nonprobe technology - doomed to failure.

    But something in my house is in context - sang by Pete Burns.


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    Here I go, giving amateurs like Caesar and Slicker a lesson in how to prospect.

    (Okay, not really. I thought about this earlier today, and knew there was a thread here about it. I just had no idea how long it'd been since it'd been touched. Some real old-school long-gone posters in here.)

    Anyway, I was driving into work, jamming to Steely Dan. And I realized that they are the very definition of "guilty pleasure" music. A weird combination of disco and contemporary jazz, with a touch of rock thrown in, underscoring completely misanthropic and esoteric lyrics that only a nerd could love. But, then again, they've got a song about a guy trying to score with his hot cousin, a song about an old man who's depressed because his date is too young to remember Aretha Franklin (but finally decides to just get drunk and do the deed), and a few dozen songs about people with crippling ennui who finally decide to, again, get drunk and do it.

    Oh, and they took their name from a talking... sexual device in William Burroughs novel.
    That's my jacket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Howdy View Post
    mabudon.....this hurts me as much as it hurts you....but due to your admittance of Ray Parker Jr., I must request the Dio picture be removed immediately and replaced with a nude photo of Kip Winger.....I'm sorry, but you brought this on yourself....
    Mabs, Slicker can probably help you find the photo for this avatar.
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