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    Question Episode III to be 3 hours long? Rated..?

    I think to make Episode 3 totally work its got to have a running time or like 3 hours or 3 and half hours. That way it doesn't seems rushed or cramped togather and it all spreads out nicely. I wish Lucas would just go for the big time gore that should be shown. Get a Rated R rating. He has always said he thinks E3 will do the worst at the box office because its going to be "very,very,very dark." as he has said. So why not just go ahead and get an R rating? I mean Raiders of the Lost Ark was rated R and it made like 300 million plus bucks. And its not just made for Kids I would at least hope he goes for a strong PG13 so it can be nice and not soft like baby $......t . Whats your thoughts on these two issues Lenght and Rating he should go for to make it the best story... I say 3 plus hours with an R rating or strong PG13....


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    raiders was rated PG.

    but i would be all for a 3 hour star was movie. but it ain't gonna be rated R.

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    I agree 3 hours at the least, but the Rating of R. Don't think it will happen. None of the others are and don't think he will change it now.
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    I think it got an R rating when it first came out. MPAA changed it later on i'm sure..

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    Well, what say we start making PG movies more and more violent? Back in the day, things like nudity and sex were exclusive to R movies....but nowadays practically every PG-13 movie has it too!

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    As much as I would like to see a 3 hour + movie - it just isn't going to happen.

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    The thing that sucks about Episodes I and II is that Lucas is forced to not let them be long, and yet they're packed to the brim with activity--so in Episode I and II, there is atrocious scene transition! It's just jump, jump, cut, jump, cut from scene to scene! That's the one strength of the OT, if you ask me: the OT has a better and more logical transition between scenes. And since Episode III can't be long and has so much that has to happen, it'll surely be even worse in this aspect.

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    Definitely not rated R. Remember Lucas is about political correctness & demographics, instead of keeping his story credible. Besides he lets his children make executive decisions regarding what will be in these films (teddy bears/Ewoks, Jar Jar, & a very close call with N-Sync).

    Something else Lucas is about is $$$$, which overlaps with 'pinhead marketing execs' demographics. Simply put 3 hour long films cannot be shown as many times in a day as 2 hour ones, hence less money. Same goes for R-rated films. Money before the credibility of his films. Let go of your wonderful yet foolish notions.

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    Well you all say that Lucas is in it for the money. I'm sure thats a big factor. But I still believe he just wants to tell his story/vision and is still a little bit passionate about it. The film could be three hours long they would just have to send out like 1000-2000 more prints than usual So they can show it more. But I don't see how he can make a smooth slow and personal story and try to tell all that story without it being at least 3 hours long. And Remember Lord of the Rings was a long movie and it still grossed very well. So maybe Lucas will take that into consideration..

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    It will probably be 2-2.5 hours like ATOC, then he'll release the extra 45 min of deleted scenes on the DVD.
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