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    Sequels I'd like to see made.

    Anybody have any favorites they'd like to see sequels for? Anyone think a certain movie is in need of a proper sequel? Let's hear 'em!

    These are my choices (starting with some in development/ production that I can't wait to see!):

    Episode 3 (naturally!)
    The Two Towers & Return of the King (The next best thing to Star Wars!)
    Spider-Man (of course!)
    X-Men 2 (ditto!)
    MIB 2 (looks to be good fun! Could Big Willy Weekend be making a comeback?)
    Terminator 3 (even if it sucks it should still be cool!)
    King Conan (I'm really diggin' the idea of Vin Diesel as Arnie's son! Can't wait to see Schwarzenegger take of a few more heads!)
    David Fincheer's Mission: Impossible 3 (if anyone can get it right it'll be him!)
    Bad Boys 2 (an admittedly guilty pleasure, but one that I think could end up being a lot of fun!)
    Ghostbusters 3 (in spite of what Harold Ramis thinks, I feel it can be done, and certainly should!)
    Crouching Tiger (I recall hearing rumblings of a Chow Yun Fat starring prequel after the movie became a success. The story already exists!)
    Fifth Element 2 (hearing rumors of "Mr. Shadow" a while back piqued my interest!)
    Aliens vs. Predator (anyone who doesn't see the potential in this project is just blind. These properties desperately NEED this film made!)
    Galaxy Quest 2 (could maked for a damned fun flick!)
    Unbreakable 2 (I'm dying to see what happens next! But only if M. Night takes his time to come up with a story that's at least as good as the first. Otherwise nevermind!)
    Sleepy Hollow 2 (I envision Burton's Constable Crane taking on various spirits and monsters in a sort of Colonial era X-Files. No Horsemen necessary!)
    Evil Dead 4 (Hail to the King, baby!)
    a new Cheech and Chong flick (but only by Tarantino. Maybe Robert Rodriguez.)
    a new Pee-Wee Herman flick (it's been too long! It'd have to be Burton too.)
    Lost in Space 2 (I know a lot of people will call me delusional, but I actually really liked the first one, and thought it made a promising start for what could've been a great franchise!)
    The Princess Bride (but only if William Goldman can come up with a worthy story. I love the original so much that I'm dying for a sequel!)
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