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    Sequels I'd like to see made.

    Anybody have any favorites they'd like to see sequels for? Anyone think a certain movie is in need of a proper sequel? Let's hear 'em!

    These are my choices (starting with some in development/ production that I can't wait to see!):

    Episode 3 (naturally!)
    The Two Towers & Return of the King (The next best thing to Star Wars!)
    Spider-Man (of course!)
    X-Men 2 (ditto!)
    MIB 2 (looks to be good fun! Could Big Willy Weekend be making a comeback?)
    Terminator 3 (even if it sucks it should still be cool!)
    King Conan (I'm really diggin' the idea of Vin Diesel as Arnie's son! Can't wait to see Schwarzenegger take of a few more heads!)
    David Fincheer's Mission: Impossible 3 (if anyone can get it right it'll be him!)
    Bad Boys 2 (an admittedly guilty pleasure, but one that I think could end up being a lot of fun!)
    Ghostbusters 3 (in spite of what Harold Ramis thinks, I feel it can be done, and certainly should!)
    Crouching Tiger (I recall hearing rumblings of a Chow Yun Fat starring prequel after the movie became a success. The story already exists!)
    Fifth Element 2 (hearing rumors of "Mr. Shadow" a while back piqued my interest!)
    Aliens vs. Predator (anyone who doesn't see the potential in this project is just blind. These properties desperately NEED this film made!)
    Galaxy Quest 2 (could maked for a damned fun flick!)
    Unbreakable 2 (I'm dying to see what happens next! But only if M. Night takes his time to come up with a story that's at least as good as the first. Otherwise nevermind!)
    Sleepy Hollow 2 (I envision Burton's Constable Crane taking on various spirits and monsters in a sort of Colonial era X-Files. No Horsemen necessary!)
    Evil Dead 4 (Hail to the King, baby!)
    a new Cheech and Chong flick (but only by Tarantino. Maybe Robert Rodriguez.)
    a new Pee-Wee Herman flick (it's been too long! It'd have to be Burton too.)
    Lost in Space 2 (I know a lot of people will call me delusional, but I actually really liked the first one, and thought it made a promising start for what could've been a great franchise!)
    The Princess Bride (but only if William Goldman can come up with a worthy story. I love the original so much that I'm dying for a sequel!)
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    Those first 5 are on my list too, though I still haven't had a chance to see LOTR yet.

    "Ghostbusters 4", what happened to #3?

    Galaxy Quest 2, now that sounds like fun!

    I heard there was a new Pee-Wee TV show in the works and 2 new films!

    Cheech & Chong, always funny but would they still have the magic? I'd be willing to drop $8 to find out.

    Star Trek 10: Nemesis is definitely on my list as well, I can't wait to see what's next.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    LOL! Sorry about that Ghostbusters 4 thing! I actually had to type all that twice; I got to the end of it and somehow lost it all! I retyped it pretty fast and...anyway! Duly noted.

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    8ight An insane Brad Pitt is released from prison 10 years later, starts killing based on the se7en cardinal virtues and Morgan Freeman comes out of retirement to stop him.
    Alien v Predator Would totally kick start both of these franchises...and yet the people responsible keep saying no (legal "issues"). I guess the idea of lots of money doesn't appeal to them.
    The Hobbit Look. If you're gonna do the them ALL.
    Dances With Wolves 2 Dunbar and his wife are still on the run. There's penty of West out there to see. I see this as a better version of Little Big Man.
    Last Boyscout 2 What!? They totally set up a sequel at the end and then never did it...c'mon guys.
    ShadowMoon etc. The Claremont/Lucas follow up trilogy to Willow.
    Quick and the Dead 2: Redemption The Evil railroad barons want to shut down Redemption, so Stone and Crowe have to whup more campy, over the top fun, Western tush.
    Harry Stamper Day...cause after he saved the world..there'd be a national..holi.......I'll shut up now.

    I am also eagerly awaiting the sequels to Leon, and The Cube.
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    Great movie ideas Roojay. So, any of these for real or just hopefulls?

    How about a Forrest Gump 2
    Jaws 5 (or any well done Killer Shark Movie, maybe that book "MEG" about the prehistoric shark that is still alive.

    BATMAN, BATMAN, and more BATMAN. The las one left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'd hate to see that be the end of an amazing character and world.

    Superman! Same thing!
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    Spawn 2
    I know this is in the works and I didnt think the first one was too bad. No 2 will be an improvement.
    I agree icatch9 more Batman with Burton at the helm. Batman returns was excellent.
    Alien vs Predator, bring it on.
    On the other side of the coin please, please, please, please DONT make a sandman film. It will only be ruined
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    let's see

    Batman 5
    Spawn 2
    Deep Blue Sea 2 (maybe a different animal this time)
    Aliens vs Predator
    Freddy vs Jason (please take the old jason)
    Evil Dead 4
    Spider-Man 2

    and please no Sleepy Hollow 2 the movie had a good ending and shoulnd't have a sequel, just let Burton make another Horror movie in the same style but don't call it Sleepy Hollow 2

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    A pulp fiction prequel would be cool too.
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    I've heard that Tarantino was supposed to be doing a Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs prequel with Vincent (John Travolta) and Vic (Michael Madsen's Mr. Blonde character) called the Vega Brothers.
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    I didnt know that. Cheers shifty.
    Although i was thinking of a travolta/ jackson story
    still it would be cool
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