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    Air we go again! Michael Jordan is BACK!

    "I am returning as a player to the game I love," Jordan said in a news release issued through his management agency that confirmed the worst-kept secret in basketball.

    Jordan will donate his entire salary for the upcoming season to relief agencies working with the victims of the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, said Estee Portnoy, a spokeswoman for SFX, Jordan's management agency.

    "I am especially excited about the Washington Wizards, and I'm convinced we have the foundation on which to build a playoff-contention team," Jordan said. "The opportunity to teach our young players and help them elevate their game to a higher level, and to thank the fans in Washington for their loyalty and support, strongly influenced my decision."


    As a long-time Jordan fan, I wish he had not have done this. He went out perfectly. I am not saying he can't do it again; I just hope he is at least 75% of the player he once was.
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    Michael Jordan--the only guy to retire and come back more times than Ozzy Osbourne!

    Though I commend his donating his salary to charity, I lost a lot of respect after the "My father saw my last game, and that means a lot to me"/"Okay, I'm back!" pseudo-retirement a few years ago.
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    EC, I think you're forgetting Ross "I'm in the race. Oh no, now I'm out" Perot.

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    Can't Michael Jordan make up his mind on what he wants to do?!?!?
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    Ditto, SirSteve

    ....I can't say it any better than you did. I am dismayed at his decision to come back. His exit was, as you said, 'perfect'. Why alter the history of his playing career.

    I'm reminded of President Theodore Roosevelt's attempt to regain the presidency (again) after serving his 1+ terms. He came off as a chump, not a champ. I think it's a mistake.
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    I also think that MJ should have stayed in retirement, but hes back again...the donation of his salary is an excellent idea and maybe just maybe he might surprise us again...
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    Well, darnit, those Commemorative Silver Wheaties Boxes I bought are gonna drop in value again...
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    I'm reminded of President Theodore Roosevelt's attempt to regain the presidency (again) after serving his 1+ terms.
    Wow, TeeEye7! You're older than I thought!
    And people here in SoCal said Magic Johnson was addicted to publicity...

    Michael Jordan = Gordie Howe = Willie Mays (great players who can't let go)
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    Yep. Ol' Teddy and I go 'way back!
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    I'm going to play.I'm giving it up,I'm going to play. I to wish he would make up his mind.
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