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    Thumbs down The REAL Phantom Menace...European SCALPERS!!


    Today I was making my rounds looking for the new figs when I saw a guy (prob late 40s) and his wife grabbing a stack of preview ZAMs off of the pegs. Obviously, I though this was weird but didn't really pay much attention until I saw that he was taking EVERY sneak preview figure off the rack! So, I gently grabbed a Clone Trooper off the peg and was looking at it while the guy continued to clean out the ENTIRE section. And I asked him, "Are you building an army?" He answered, "yeah, you could say that." Then, without even hesitating or looking at me (about finished filling his cart) this guy has the gall to mumble "you gonna buy that one or are ya just lookin'?" What? I said. (as if to point out that he already had enough in his cart). I sure am! Then I made a dash for the "other" SW section to get there first. I proceeded to grap a few sneak figs and hid them from Euro scalper's impending peg rampage. Sure enough, he was seconds behind me and cleaned out every figure once again! My wife was shocked. She even commented on how it wasn't fair to kids or fans who really need some of these figs. This guy is a jerk in my book. Buy a lot but at least leave some of each so others can enjoy them too. Darn scalper! And my comment about Europe comes from the fact that both he and his wife had British accents. Plus, who here in the USA is hoarding Sneak preview figures? Just a hunch that may solve the puzzle as to why so many figs vanish.
    By the way, this guy saw my wife and I leave the store empty handed! It must have frosted his cake!! He probably went back in the store trying to find that Clone Trooper. Too bad dude!
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    I wish someone would come and clear out all the Zam's and R3's from my local stores. These things are warming pegs BIG time!

    Too bad about those Clone Troopers.

    But WHO needs an ARMY of Zam's?
    May the force be with you.

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    Hell, I never saw a clone trooper preview fig. And apparently Hasbro isn't making another all white one.
    I'm stuck with an army of reds (captains)!
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    Sneak Preveiw Zam? This guy must be a desperate scalper.
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    Darn those Europeans! They are up to their old tricks again! This type of terrorism cannot go unpunished! Our president has sworn of all countries who back terrorists! Now, I fear we must add the continent of Europe to our war on terrorism!
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    Speaking of scalpers...I ran into one of the dreaded "Hot Wheels" scalpers at Target today. This guy was in his late 50's, had the typical pot belly, and the gray ponytail attached to his half bald head. He was hoarding all of the Hot WHeels motorcycles. Must be the new HOT E-bay item. I was ready for him to start filling his basket with SW items!! I've seen this guy before. He stands outside the store until it opens ( I've been early a couple of times and went for breakfast next door). Once the door opens this guy speed walks to the toys and blasts through them. Sigh.
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    "Windows so clean, never have I seen!"
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