though it wuz sent via surface mail, jg's pkg arrived as promised the other day, w/jabbarge mm and supercool gianni versace speeder mm which i've already displayed on 2 or 3 cafe tables around town its lavender-metal finish is a bit darker than others i've seen & i like that, so even though its paintjob's a bit sloppier than mine i think i might trade mine to b'jr and keep this one for myself
as for the jabbarge, well, it's a jabbarge (one of my least fave vehicles), what is there to say about it oh well, it's also goin to b'jr so what do i care
he also enclosed a nice note (you continental euros always seem to have great penmanship, yours looks just like that of a polish gal i knew), and two af battledroid figures, which brings me to:
ar2: you mentioned bdroids are about the only af figures you'd be interested in as i recall? in that case i'll save these for you until i hear otherwise. meanwhile, i trust you saw mssg to you in huntpost 280?
thanx agin jg, as soon as i get a chance to see what other mm/af figs you need that b'jr has, your package will be on its way to you