I was poking around on Ain't it Cool News the other day, casting about for the Fall TV premiere schedule I'd seen posted in the television section when I discovered news of a long awaited gem! Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eight Dimension is finally coming out on DVD! The DVD will feature a movie-length commentary by the director, deleted scenes (also with commentary), and a mess of other nifty extras! If you've ever had the opportunity to read Mike Nelson's Movie Mega Cheese (yes, Mike of MST3K) you know how he raves that the DVD is the greatest invention in the history of man. I have begun to agree from the moment I finally got one for myself. And now one of JediCole's top 100 films of all time (that I've seen) is going to get the DVD treatment. This is one of the more ironic favorites since the first time I saw it (at my brother's insistance) I hated every frame! I watched it a second time (again at my brother's insistance) and have been a staunch fan ever since. And it gets better. I showed BB to friends in college who hated it until they watched it a second time! And others have told me the same thing. Now even more people will have a chance to enjoy a hate/love relationship with one of the quirkiest cult classics around!