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    clone trooper

    Got a question,

    Which R2 is the hard to find one? sprockett hip r2 or solid joint?

    and I also have a clone trooper with a red visor, the black T is missing kind of like the jango fett variation. Has anyone else seen one of these?

    Thank you
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    The Jango Fett "missing visor" is a factory error, not a variation which is the same thing as your Red Clone Trooper - a factory error.

    It appears the "solid" leg version of R2 is the rarest since it was the earliest version and the R3-T7/Sprocket leg is the easiest to find since it was the corrected version.
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    Lee's action figure review had listed the error being the sprocket hip. I was confused since I have seen many of that version and very few with the solid piece. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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