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    RJarvis: I need epics 4-6 loose or to open. LMK what you need.


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    s43 - for clarification's sake, since the ships were truly all I was after in the first place, I have the boxes with the figures still in them and the ships (most of them) removed. Since VT only seemed to be making a request for the figures, that's all that's up for trade...just the figs and boxes if someone wants...if they don't get picked up by him for his trade and you're still interested, I'd love to work something out with you...

    Great Traders - cloneemperor, Val Da Car, Kidhuman
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    Hmm, I'm actually more interested in the ships. If it was just the ships I wouldn't mind, but just the figures I don't know. Hmm well, if VT doesn't take them and if I have some stuff you want I'll take them. I guess it's better to have just the figures than nothing


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    I'm still interested in the Fed. Control ship and epic collection figures. I already have the mtt & aat. Do we have any Episode I ships that Rjarvis would like to trade for his epic figures?

    Darth Carlos

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    Lightbulb dc: "Do we have any Episode I ships that Rjarvis would like 2 trade 4 his epic figs?"

    -we just Might thanx for reply re aat & mtt. . . cuz Maybe Rj Might Want Em? btw plz email me your mailing address next chance you get, i wanna make sure i'm interpreting the hand-written return address on your pkg correctly

    rj: your schnozz is always welcome in mah bizness- the stickier the better since dc no longer needs em, lmk if interested in dc-sized firing mtt and detached-turret aat & i'll send to you. then you can send epic 4-6 figs (along with ent-a for jdah? see huntthred :happy: ) & i'll send to dc, or you can send straight to dc. either way, lmk what else i might be able to send you while i'm at it

    s43: "I'm actually more interested in the ships"
    rj: "the ships were truly all I was after in the first place"
    -me 3; that's the problem, too many of us here have Good Taste sounds like dc's the one who'd be more interested in rj's loose 4-6 figs, & s43'd be better off waiting till he/we find him complete sets-


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