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    Thumbs up viva darthcarlos, a maddeningly selfless trader (aka attn hodude) ;)

    supercool mm trader dc's pkg arrived yesterday: 2 mint ep1 mmpak 12s (the repcruiser from one of which goes to b'jr, so if anyone needs the other one, say here what you might be able to offer in trade ), two mint ep1 mmpak 11s (both of which b'jr is willing to part with in case anyone would like to trade for as well), and a mint ep1 mmpak 13, which i'm reserving for hodude until he indicates he doesn't want (anyone else who might want it say so here just in case)
    what has still Not arrived is dc's notice of whether, in addition to hallmark controlship i'll be sending him, he could use any of the following mint o-o-p mm vehicles: bullet-firing mtt (about the size of a dc vehicle), superior-detailed, turning-turret aat or diecast sebulbapod. if so LMK so i can enclose any/all of those in shipment to you, cuz i do want to make this a fair trade for you, and imo sending you 1 controlship just isn't enough otherwise i'll make one last, unlikely-to-succeed appeal to b'jr to see if he'll part with any xtra loose epic 4-6s (do you also seek their mm figures or just the ships?)
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