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    Thumbs up viva darthcarlos, a maddeningly selfless trader (aka attn hodude) ;)

    supercool mm trader dc's pkg arrived yesterday: 2 mint ep1 mmpak 12s (the repcruiser from one of which goes to b'jr, so if anyone needs the other one, say here what you might be able to offer in trade ), two mint ep1 mmpak 11s (both of which b'jr is willing to part with in case anyone would like to trade for as well), and a mint ep1 mmpak 13, which i'm reserving for hodude until he indicates he doesn't want (anyone else who might want it say so here just in case)
    what has still Not arrived is dc's notice of whether, in addition to hallmark controlship i'll be sending him, he could use any of the following mint o-o-p mm vehicles: bullet-firing mtt (about the size of a dc vehicle), superior-detailed, turning-turret aat or diecast sebulbapod. if so LMK so i can enclose any/all of those in shipment to you, cuz i do want to make this a fair trade for you, and imo sending you 1 controlship just isn't enough otherwise i'll make one last, unlikely-to-succeed appeal to b'jr to see if he'll part with any xtra loose epic 4-6s (do you also seek their mm figures or just the ships?)
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    Thanks vt. Hmmm....well to be fair, I will give someone here a chance at them because I have some and there may be others who don't have them. And also, to keep with the numbers in the movie, I have to be sure that every time I get Naboo soldiers I need to always get some b-droids so they always outnumber the Naboo dudes. I'm going on vacation next week. I'll see where this stands when I get back.

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    Angry Hasblow blew it!

    I am so angry now! I finally saw Ep2:AOTC last night and now I am madder than ever that Hasblow won't be doing MM figures for this movie. The possiblities! The Arena battle! The armies I could build!

    This was the final straw. So vt, go ahead and give those Nabooians to someone else. And you needn't look for more B-droids for me. My MM figure collection is frozen and will remain as stands. No need to build on it when there is a permanent ceiling , ie. any ep2 figures.

    I am officially boycotting Hasblow until they make ep2 MMs. If that day never comes, then they'll not get another penny of mine. Well, I don't feel that much better now, because I know they could care less about losing one family's business, and it won't change who Lucasfilm gives their licenses to. It's these corp conglomerates game and they know it. There are plenty of people to fill their coffers. Perhaps it really is finally over.


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    You can send me the Micro Trade Fed. Control ship but I'm interested in any Action Fleet or dc in or out of box. If you can get me any figures from the Epic collections IV-VI that would be cool.


    Darth Carlos

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    Thumbs up ah, There you are dc ;)

    i'm sure i can get you one of every epic 4-6 figure, except maybe gethzerion. reason for no geth: when i got epics for jdah & b'jr all the geths mistakenly had emps in their place. so to make jdah's set proper-complete, i replaced jdah's xtra emp with my geth.
    However: jdah subsequently traded that set to gsj, and last time i checked, gsj, like me, doesn't care one Whit about mm figures, just the ships. if so, with gsj's blessing, he can enclose geth when he sends the id4 ship, giansp (& xtra voy shuttle? i can't remember) to me, & i'll enclose geth when i send your controlship, o-o-p dc sebulbapod & other epic 4-6 figs. (p.s. to gsj: the sooner you send, the sooner i can send to dc ) confirm that you need turning-turret aat mm and bullet-firing, oversized mtt mm & i'll enclose them too
    b'jr & i don't happen to currently have a bead on any af vehicles (i came across a loose rancor for $1 about a month ago, but didn't think anyone here'd want cuz it didn't have stand or figs ), but i think b'jr has a number of xtra af figs he'd be happy to give you; lmk if any in particular would rub you the right way

    hod: hey what kinda talk is that? gotta keep the faith; remember how long after the OT before we got mms? a decade? it may take years, but like james bond, MMs Will Return besides i don't know anyone else here who might dig these naboo soldiers as much as you, so unless someone else here sez they need em & you again insist you've no interest, i'll have no choice but to hang onto them for you. just picture if you will the sorry image of me trudging into eternity, w/this ep1mmpak13 hangin around my neck like a weighty lodestone albatross, w/no one to give em to. a sad sight indeed
    either way, save me that xtra repcruiser mm you were sposed to get a coupla months ago & i'll save you any figs from these ep1pax 11&12 you may want (gungans? kaadus? name it )
    p.s. to bothayou: left you good trader feedback here
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    you are correctomundo in that i don't care bupkis about the figures.......

    unfortunately, mason thinks differently

    i'll check with him to see if it's ok to send geth to ho (down) dude, but i'm not promisin' nuthin.

    right now he's got a full scale battle going, whichi is taking weeks to complete (i'm gonna have to bring it to an end this weekend though, i needs to vacume the dust bunnies, which are groing bigger by the day ), and every mm and af figure, has been called up for selective service, and are currently making the arena battle in aotc look more like a minor parade who's only crime is that they just forgot to get a permit from city hall.

    i'll see if he don't mind parting with him.
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    Red face but, but. . .

    . . .but i though mason had forSaken sw toys
    anyhoo, if it makes any diff, geth-z ain't a he (magenta-robed dame in pak 6); also, b'jr might be willing to trade him a coupla mm figs of his choice for it, providing he has any desired ones to offer
    p.s. those aren't dustbunnies, they're mm-scaled splosions :happy:

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    he had let them dangle on the shelf for far too long.......

    but aotc revived his interest!

    the bionicles have been laying in a heap for several weeks now!

    now if only hasbro would learn to understand the mentality of thier projected audience
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    Red face still awaiting reply from dc re mtt & aat :)

    & also from gsj re gethz also, i just realized i long ago gave my epic4 figs to old galooBBer drsuperstar, & since i never got b'jr a set (he didn't wnat that set) we've no epic4 figs to offer maybe gsj & mason can help dc out there too?

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    Unhappy sorry 'bout that

    VT - I may be stickin' my big schnoz where it don't belong...again...(sorry about jumpin the gun on that FS answer...I didn't mean to mess up the dynamic)...

    anyway, I'll check tonight when I get home and post tomorrow, but I think I have a full set of Epic 4-6 figs that I don't need (to be sure we're on the same level here, I understand we're talking about Lando, Dorsk, Exar, Garm, Emp, Borsk, Gethzerion, Leia, Isolder [thanks r2dee2's Toyforce site for the reference material ]) . If someone wants them, I'd be glad to trade for them (though my needs list is a short one)...let me know if I can help out...



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