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    Oooh...! Stephen Collins... post STAR TREK: tmp and pre 7th HEAVEN... classic...

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    The supposed return of battledroids and the Nemoidians isn't working for me. I know they're necessary, it just seems boring, the way it seemed boring to me about the Death Star 2. (another Death Star? How original!)
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    I was rather hoping for some more battle droid humour. "Cover me" "Roger roger." Classic lines! If this rumour of 3PO using a blaster is true I won't be happy. It's a weak idea to use 3PO this way and smacks of those early marvel comics and the crap stories they had in them. But I'm really starting to lose interest in the prequels and the story. I listened to the score of Jedi today and knew where each piece of music fitted the filn without looking at the CD sleeve. And I've only seen Jedi a handful of times over the years. I listen to the ep1 score and I haven't got the foggiest where I am because there are no memorable moments from the movie. I suspect that ep2 will be the same.

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    I watched the Special Edition of RTJ today including the documentary in the begining.

    For better or worse, however we feel, as the documentary said this is George's vision, not anyone elses. He has the money and power to do WHATEVER he wants. If EII sucks....think he won't do EIII? I think the ONLY person he is trying to make happy is himself. He is making the movies for himself and he'll damn well do whatever he pleases.

    We all have our own ideas about what should happen, who we like and who we don't, whether Padme turns out to be Mon Mothma or dies, George really doesn't care.

    Has Lucas ever done anything to appease the fans OR get thier input? How long did we complain when Hasblow was screwing up the POTF line and LFL did nothing?

    We are pawns......


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