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    Question how much is your collection of 3 3/4" figures worth?

    i did the math this morning with "star awrs super collector wish book. id and values."
    the grand total was $4160.00! wow! it helped to have the ff sand trooper and the thearter edition jedi knight luke. (sorry if this isn't in the right place.) i'll put a link to my site on my sig in a little bit so you can check out what we have from POTF2 up to POTJ.
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    It would be worth twice as much to you if you opened them all.
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    Most I paid for a figure: $25.00
    Adverage price for a figure: $6
    Least I paid for a figure: $1.00
    My Collection: Priceless.

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    what do you mean, quite-long dong? it would be worth twice as much if i had them opened? i kind of doubt that....
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    I got to agree with LT. My collection is PRICELESS to me. Most I payed for a figure was $70 and of course that was the Theatre Edition Luke a few years back.
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    It depends on the type of worth you mean really.

    If you mean monetary, then you are probably right.

    But as far as sentimental, and use....they would indeed be worth more if you opened them, in my opinion.

    Basically, I was being a jerk, and in an offhanded way telling you that you should open all of your figures, and not collect them for monetary value, or "worth". I am really a nice guy, and I like you. I think your posts are nice and interesting. I just think collecting for supposed monetary worth (which is practically non-existant these days), is so contrived and an extreme waste of time.

    But if you want to collect something for worth, might I suggest a nice Roth IRA? Now that will definately be worth more in the future, and you don't have to make sure it is in mint condition!

    Hope that makes sense. Not trying to be a jerk (though I probably am), just trying to spread joy and understanding across the SW galaxy.
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    the only problem with collecting them out of the pack is that they are mainly my dads, not mine. i just know what we have alot better than he does. if i had it my way, 75% of em would be out and in various dioramas around my room. we started out collecting them out of the pack, but realized how much they were worth back then. now, i don't think we will open any in the near future. my dad said he wouls leave them for me when he passes on (god forbid) so, when i'm about 30-40, i might have them out and be setting them up at my house.
    thank you for thinking that my post are good QLD.
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    Well, that does make a little more sense. I am glad to hear you would like to open them. I guess I have a habit of assuming that everyone is an adult in here who has their own collection.
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    thats cool, QLD. sometimes i wish i were an adult so i could do what i want and BUY what i want....
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    It's funny, we all wish we were kids again.
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