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    Someone get Palpatine some Calamine lotion quick!

    I just got Palpatine today. He looks like he has the chicken pox! Wow, I know they were trying to do age spots, but the paint for them is too dark and looks CRAZY!

    otherwise the figure looks great! But that really sticks out like a bullet to the head.
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    Yeah, but it's sadly accurate when they were designing the figure. A while back, Palpy was featured on the front of the Star Wars Insider. It must have been early make-up tests, because he had big ole age spots on his face. But judging by the movie, they altered the make-up signifigantly after those publicity pictures were taken. You just have to be picky on the Palpy figures, I have heard that people have found him both with good looking small spots as well as with awful large age spots.
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    The make-up wasn't that bad at the beginning, not where Hasbro could acceptably splotch the figure as they have.
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    Well, I ordered mine from KB toys online. I got it today, I mean, GREAT figure, but christ, I want to put some base on him or something to cover those up!
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    The figure screams....REPAINT ME!!!!!


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