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Thread: Chosen one

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    Question Chosen one

    If Anakin (Darth Vader) was indeed the "Chosen one", where does that leave Luke? Was he the "Chosen one 2", becuase he defeats Vader quite easily once he is fully trained and even the Emperor sees him as a threat.

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    Darth Vader/Anakin is the chosen one since he actually killed the Emperor. (EU be damned!!) Luke is just the Son of the One.
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    Darth Vader should be the chosen one IF the prophecy was to kill the killing the emperor Anakin restored answer this question we need to know first what the prophecy was (not just bringing the balance stuff, but the whole prophecy)

    Also it would be interesting to see who made this prophecy...lets hope GL answers this one!
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    Vader brought the Jedi down so that only two survived (as BB said, EU be derned on this one). Two Sith, two Jedi--balanced.
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    You mean OB1 and Yoda?? Cuzz later on OB1 sacrificed himself and then Yoda passed away...that leaves us with two sith and no Jedi's, considering that Luke becomes a Jedi after he defeats Vader, then Vader kills the Emperor leaving only two Jedi's...that lasted like 5 minutes cuzz Vader passed away too...dude, this is confusing, we need to see what the prophecy is all about.
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    The prophecy never called for the Force to stay balanced.
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    I don't buy into the prophecy yet, I think Qui-Gon put the prophecy into motion, his actions brought about this thing about "the chosen one".
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    The prophecy was "if you eat mixed pizza you must balance it with an equal priced drink",I can't believe you guys didn't know
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    Actually the prophecy was "A child, a chosen one, shall come and bring balance to the force's checking account."

    You see, the Jedi were notoriously bad accountants and Yoda couldn't keep the funds and contributions of the Jedi Widows and Orphans fund in order so the Jedi were in really bad debt. They were hoping Anakin would come in and fix things but he took a really radical approach to the problem and decimated them over the next 20 years. In retrospect, they would've been better off with the unbalanced books....

    I'm not sure why Mace's line got edited like that in the movie. I guess that's why Ben Burtt is in charge this time.
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    Well, it was blatantly obvious that GL was going after a whole Jesus Saviour thing with Anakin, the difference being that while Jesus resisted temptation, Anakin gives into it and sides with the Devil (Emperor). His Son is the only one capable of bringing about his redemption. The ultimate sacrifice involves casting off his demons and literally destroying the evil that is within him and outside of him (the Emperor).

    Frank Herbert (GL admits to being influenced by his work) has something like this in DUNE where the gholas (clones) can only remember their true selves (achieve self awareness of their past life) by being placed in a position of extreme trauma, usually being asked to kill the one they love. Love wins out over the command to destroy and the trauma of the situation jolts the ghola into a sudden remembrance of who he really is (and used to be). You might consider this a kind of redemption.

    Anakin/Vader is placed in a very similar situation when faced with the destruction of his only Son. While he isn't pulling the trigger per se, it is unfolding before his eyes. Unable to face the terror, he is reminded of the good man that he used to be and pays his penance.

    What's this got to do with the Balance of the Force? This is pure speculation on my part but I want to believe that it has less to do with numbers (this many Jedi vs this many Sith) and more to do with the nature of what is considered good in the first place. Take the United States for instance. The country was founded on solid principles of fairness and justice. Over time, members of our government made choices that, while preserving our sense of justice on home soil, tended to cross the line in other lands out of sight of the American people. Essentially the American Way became synonomous with situational ethics. This bad thing we do over here is ok because look at all the good it preserves over there.

    I think the Jedi got into that line of thinking as well. They knew that the Trade Federation was wrong with their blockade, but intead of rocking the boat and sending in a legion of Jedi to take care of it quickly, they take the diplomatic approach and play it safe. Same with training Anakin. The council appears to be frightened of the boy and that is the motivation to deny training. His development will destroy the status quo where they've all grown comfortable.

    The Balance comes into the picture with someone who will remind them all about what true justice really is and what it is not. They've all seen how good it can be, but have forgotten how low humanity can go. The Emperor is a necessary and terrible reminder of the fallibility of man. Without his reign of terror, humanity would continue on a course of complacency, which we've all seen in our own lives recently to be a road to disasterous injustice to the powerless. Frank Herbert explored this very idea in GOD EMPEROR OF DUNE in which the Son of the Messiah evolves into a being capable of controlling the Universe. His own reign, not of terror, but of control, reminds humanity that they need to remain vigilant and not grow complacent. It is only through his ultimate death that humanity is freed once again to live life to it's fullest. The underlying thread of Star Wars rests on this very principle. That, I believe, is what the Balance of the Force really means, and why the Jedi fear it so much. While it means the ultimate saving of humanity, the path is sown with much pain and suffering and most likely, the destruction of the Jedi in the process.


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