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    Exclamation your predictions on the best/worst of next month.

    what do you think will be the best/worst of next month? i think the best will be either ki-adi or TA anikan. the worst will probably be that podracer guy. your thoughts?

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    Congrats on so many posts! I forsee the new Anakin as easily being the best of the bunch. Darth Maul will probably sell like hotcakes and afterwards people will discover that he's not that great a figure. So I think Maul will sell but be a bad figure.

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    I'm holding off judgement until 1) carded pictures and 2) in-store sightings. I'm looking forward to Ephant Mon, and possibly Anakin. Padme and Teemto are going to depend on the paint jobs. I already have a Maul and Ki that I am satisfied with.
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    Ephant Mon is going to be great. TA Anakin would be good if he has his cloak. I don't think any of the future wave figures will be that bad. Pilot Jango could really suck if done wrong.

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    Ephant Mon will be good I think.
    Anakin, Maul, and Padme will also be selling just because they're main characters and scalpers will going after'em along with Ephant since he's the Fan Choice figure.
    Ki-Adi will probably be a kid's figure since it's an obscure Jedi with a lightsaber.
    Teemto will just be there...
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    i think that maul looks awsome! i'll definitly get that one out of the pack.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    i think i will buy all but ephant mon. he just doesn't appeal to me.
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    cool avatar, hango! wish i could fins one like that when i'm a padawan........................................... .......................................
    strong am i with the force. but not that strong.

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    ya i think all i really i'm going to get is Ki-Adi and Padme the rest arn't that great.
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    I think Ele...will suck...sure I'll buy one only to hide in my closet!


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